The school runs a regular seminar program to enable its academic staff and RHD students to keep abreast of the latest research topics and interact with international, national and internal experts in the field. The seminar program includes the School Seminar series, Applied Economics, Economic Theory, Econometrics Colloquium and the UQ Macro Workshop series. Each seminar series has its own academic coordinator.

The 2018 coordinators will be:

Rents and the means of protection

26 November 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Arye Hillman | Bar-Ilan University

Optimal monetary policy at the zero lower bound

17 November 2015 11:00am12:00pm
Aarti Singh | University of Sydney

Negotiating the gender wage gap

15 November 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Katrien Stevens | University of Sydney

Distribution forecasting in nonlinear models with stochastic volatility

13 November 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Peter Exterkate | University of Sydney

Mothers' employment and children's educational gender gap

12 November 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Xiaodong Fan | University of New South Wales

Assets, money and credit with indivisible goods

3 November 2015 11:00am12:00pm
Benoit Julien | University of New South Wales

A reliable output gap that reflects policymakers' beliefs

30 October 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
James Morley | University of New South Wales

Piecewise Cobb-Douglas environmental envelopments: Directional

29 October 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Israfil Roshdi | The University of Auckland Business School

Measuring industry productivity across time and space and cross country convergence

26 October 2015 10:00am12:00pm
Erwin Diewert | University of British Columbia/University of New South Wales

Early cannabis use and the school to work transition of young

16 October 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Jenny Williams | University of Melbourne

Eliciting utility curvature and time preference

16 October 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Stephen Cheung | University of Sydney

The role of media in asymmetric warfare

9 October 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Paul Raschky | Monash University

Constrained and averaged methods in stochastic frontier analysis

2 October 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Chris Parmeter | University of Miami

Modeling cross correlation across major financial markets: a threshold approach

1 October 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Nektarios Aslanidis | Universitat Rovila Virgili

Collusion, price dispersion and fringe competition

4 September 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Nickolas De Roos | University of Sydney

Estimating dynamic R&D choice: An analysis of costs and long-run benefits

28 August 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Mark Roberts | Penn State University

Political glass ceiling in Japan

13 August 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Haishan Yuan | The University of Queensland

Motivation and competition among physicians

7 August 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Peter Sivey | La Trobe University

Fat tails and copulas: Limits of diversification revisited

31 July 2015 3:30pm5:00pm
Artem Prokhorov | University of Sydney