The School of Economics run a regular seminar program to enable our academic staff and higher degree by research students to keep abreast of the latest research topics and interact with international, national and internal experts in the field. There are five types of seminar series with its own academic coordinator: Applied Economics, Econometrics Colloquium, Economic Theory, Macroeconomics and School.

2022 Seminar Coordinators

Seminar Coordinator - Applied EconomicsAndreaLA NAUZE
Seminar Coordinator - EconometricsFuOUYANG
Seminar Coordinator - Economic TheoryCarlosOYARZUN
Seminar Coordinator - GeneralRigissaMEGALOKONOMOU
Seminar Coordinator - MacroeconomicsAndresBELLOFATTO
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BESC Seminar presented by Axel Ockenfels

4 November 2020 5:00pm6:15pm
Presented by Axel Ockenfels, University of Cologne
zoom meeting

QUEX Economics seminar

21 October 2020 5:00pm6:30pm
UQ's Michelle Tran will be speaking on the effects of wealth on older adults’ health care utilization, and Ben Balmford of Exeter will explore minimising monitoring costs while achieving socially optimal effort in elective monitoring.
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Bargaining for others

21 October 2020 10:00am11:15am
Presented by Ernan Haruvy, University of Texas at Dallas
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How to Protect against Zero Intelligence: Idiosyncratic Signals in Beauty Contest Games

24 September 2020 5:00pm6:15pm
Presented by Rosemarie Nagel, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) Barcelona and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
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COVID-19 and Mental Health

10 September 2020 5:00pm6:30pm
QUEX Economics seminar presented by Climent Quintana (Exeter) with discussant Brenda Gannon (UQ).
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BESC seminar with Steffen Huck

8 September 2020 5:00pm6:15pm
Presented by Steffen Huck, WZB Berlin Social Science Center & University College London
Economic theory seminar

Costly Multi-Unit Search

25 August 2020 11:00am12:00pm
Presented by Tono Carrasco (Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile)
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How market prices react to information: Evidence from a natural experiment

6 August 2020 10:00am11:15am
Presented by Lionel Page, University of Technology Sydney
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BESC seminar with John Duffy

23 July 2020 10:00am11:15am
Presented by John Duffy, University of California, Irvine

Equilibrium Imperfect Competition and Banking: Interest Pass Through and Optimal Policy

22 July 2020 1:30pm3:00pm
Presented by Timothy Kam (ANU). Joint work with Allen Head (Queen's University) and Ieng-Man Ng (ANU).
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Predicting social tipping and norm change in controlled experiments

9 July 2020 5:00pm6:15pm
Presented by Nikos Nikiforakis, New York University, Abu Dhabi
zoom seminar

Can community monitoring save the commons? Evidence on forest loss and spillovers

8 July 2020 5:00pm6:30pm
QUEX Economics seminar presented by Sabrina Eisenbarth (University of Exeter)
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Teaching Norms in the Streets

25 June 2020 5:00pm6:15pm
Presented by Marie Claire Villeval, CNRS & Gate-Lab
zoom seminar

Mind your Ps and Qs! Variable Allowance Supply in the US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

17 June 2020 5:00pm6:30pm
QUEX Economics seminar presented by Lana Friesen (UQ)
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Rational cooperation in finitely repeated games

4 June 2020 5:00pm6:15pm
Presented by Maria Bigoni, University of Bologna
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Occupational Reallocations within and across Firms: Implications for the Labor Market Polarization

6 May 2020 1:30pm3:00pm
Presented by Satoshi Tanaka, University of Queensland

Nowcasting the Output Gap

29 April 2020 1:30pm3:00pm
Presented by James Morley, University of Sydney
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Nowcasting the Output Gap

29 April 2020 1:30pm
Presented by James Morley, University of Sydney

Shaking Things Up: On the Stability of Risk and Time Preferences; and What is Deception in Experimental Economics? A Survey

23 April 2020 10:00am11:15am
Two papers will be presented by Gary Charness from University of California Santa Barbara, via Zoom.

Saving Constraints, Debt, and the Credit Market Response to Fiscal Stimulus

22 April 2020 1:30pm3:00pm
Presented by Jorge Miranda-Pinto, The University of Queensland.

Mediation Design

14 April 2020 11:00am
Presented by Professor Claudio Mezzett, The University of Queensland, via Zoom.


Upcoming 2022 Seminars


SeptemberThursday, 1 SeptemberApplied EconomicsJie Gong 
 Friday, 2 September General School SeminarTim Chritensen (NYU, UCL)
 Wednesday, 7 September Behavioural Economics Science Cluster Sheryl
 Tuesday, 13 September MacroeconomicsChung Tran (ANU)
 Wednesday, 14 SeptemberBehavioural Economics Science Cluster Ben Bushong
 Tuesday, 20 September (11am-12:30pm)Economic TheoryProf Simon Loertscher (University of Melbourne) 
 Wednesday, 21 September (10am-11am)Behavioural Economics Science Cluster Dr Zachary Breig (UQ) & Dr Andrea La Nauze (UQ)
 Wednesday, 21 September (2pm-4pm)General School SeminarDr Umair khalil (Monash University) 
 Friday, 23 September (2pm-4pm)Applied Economics Dr Yuanyuan Gu (Macquarie University) 
 Thursday, 29 SeptemberApplied EconomicsLester Lusher (University of Hawaii)
 Friday, 30 September (2pm-4pm)General School Seminar Prof Gudbrand Lein (Inland Norway University of Applied Science)
OctoberTuesday, 4 OctoberEconomic Theory Dr Guillem Roig (Rosario University) 
 Wednesday, 12 OctoberBehavioural Economics Science Cluster Stefan Trautmann
 Thursday, 13 OctoberApplied EconomicsAlice Solda
 Friday, 21 October (TBC)General School SeminarJohn Stachurski
 Wednesday, 26 OctoberBehavioural Economics Science ClusterJudd B. Kessler
 Thursday, 27 OctoberApplied EconomicsJim Sallee
NovemberTuesday, 1 November (In person)Economic TheoryDiego Carrasco (UQ PhD student)
 Thursday, 3 November (In person)Applied EconomicsAshley Craig
 Friday, 7 November (in person)General School Seminar Bruce Preston (UniMelb)
 Tuesday, 8 November (In person)MacroeconomicsElena Capatina (ANU)
 Friday, 11 November (In person)General School SeminarBob Cairns (McGill University)
 Friday, 18 November (In person)General School SeminarPetr Sedlacek (UNSW)
 Tuesday, 22 November (In person) MacroeconomicsYoungsoo Jang (UQ)
DecemberFriday, 2 December (In person)General School Seminar Marian Vidal-Fernandez (Uni of SYD)
 Tuesday, 6 December (In person)MacroeconomicsMiNchul Yum (U Manheim)