Speaker: A/Prof Ziaojian Zhao

Affiliation: Monash University

Location: Room S402, Social Sciences Building (#24), UQ St Lucia Campus.


The paper studies how heterogeneous individuals in terms of self control and self awareness process information feedback and demand soft commitment devices, followed by a change of screen time usage. In a field experiment involving 1186 participants, we find an asymmetric effect of feedback on self-control: individuals who underestimate their screen time usage significantly reduce their usage after feedback is provided, while it is not the case for those overestimating usage. However, we do not find a clear effect of the commitment APP on altering screen time usage, given the significant feedback effect on usage. We also provide a model of procrastination with diversely naive individuals, largely accounting for our experimental observations. Upon receiving feedback, individuals may perceive their self control problem in a possibly biased but motivated manner to improve their inter-temporal decisions. 

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Social Sciences Building (#24)