Economics Student-Staff Liaison Committee

Your student representative council for those studying Economics

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) is a representative body that was founded in May 2019. It has the function and responsibility of representing the needs of students within the School of Economics. Comprised of volunteer staff and students, the committee is tasked with providing a channel of feedback to and from the student body, allowing important issues, concerns and suggestions to be raised with staff.

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Lachlan Armstrong


Lachlan is an undergraduate student currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/Economics. Lachlan is excited to contribute to the SSLC and help improve student life within the School of Economics and UQ as a whole.

“My biggest driver for being the chair of the SSLC is to improve the lives of economics students. We’re all spending several years at UQ, so I say why not try and improve the student experience as much as I can while I’m here. Through my undergraduate of Engineering/Economics and being part of student societies, I know how important flexibility is. I’m going to work this year to ensure that as many improvements can be made to the lives of Economics as possible.”


Abbey Croughan


Abbey is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Finance & Economics (Hons). She has recently been appointed to serve as the Committee Secretary.

Samuel Weir"My motivation behind undertaking the role of secretary of the SSLC is to enact positive change to further support the experience of economics students. Our university lives are comprised of many different experiences, with academics remaining the most significant. Ensuring students feel involved, valued, and recognised throughout their studies is imperative to delivering strong outcomes and fostering inspiration among the student body. Throughout my time studying Adv. Finance and Economics, being actively involved in a variety of student societies, and partaking in extracurriculars I can recognise the value derived from exposure to diverse experiences. This year I hope to deliver an experience that fully supports the incorporation of different perspectives and enriches the lives of Economics students!"