Economics Student-Staff Liaison Committee

Your student representative council for those studying Economics

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) is a representative body that was founded in May 2019. It has the function and responsibility of representing the needs of students within the School of Economics. Comprised of volunteer staff and students, the committee is tasked with providing a channel of feedback to and from the student body, allowing important issues, concerns and suggestions to be raised with staff.

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Rhiain Powell


Rhiain is a postgraduate student currently completing a Masters of Development Economics. Appointed to the Chair in December 2020, Rhiain is excited to contribute to the SSLC and help improve student life within the School of Economics and UQ as a whole.

Rhiain Powell"As a part-time student who works full-time, I understand the challenges and stress that come with juggling multiple commitments. My experience has helped me understand the importance of making study flexible and accessible to all students.

I will work closely with the School of Economics and ensure the SSLC is able to make your experience at UQ a great one."

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Phiet Le


Phiet is a third-year student currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Economics. He joined the SSLC as a volunteering member in 2019, and has recently been appointed to serve as the Committee Secretary.

Phiet works closely with other SSLC members including Rhiain, volunteers and staff in order to achieve common goals such as increasing the visibility of the Committee, and improving the student experience (inside and outside of the classroom).

Phiet Li"Being both an international and undergraduate student, I understand very well the struggles that you may or may not face during your studies. You may feel lost, find it difficult to make new friends, or even adapt to the Australian culture. Whatever the challenges might be, let me assure you, I will help you get through them (as I too have gone through them before).

As the Secretary of the SSLC, I am given the opportunity to represent you in front of the key people within the School. It's from this position where I will work closely with our members to ensure that your time here is positive and memorable."

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