The School of Economics Student-Staff Liaison Committee is a new representative body that has the function and responsibility of representing the needs of students within the School, alongside providing a channel of feedback to and from the student body. View Terms of Reference (PDF, 124 KB).

Please get in touch with us if you have any matters for discussion, by emailing one of our members directly or using the contact form below.



Dakoda Titmus - Bachelor of Economics/Arts


Navchaa Tumurbaatar - Master of Development Economics

Undergraduate representatives

Nikhil Dugar- Bachelor of Commerce/Economics
Connor Harvey - Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours), PPES Advisory Board Chair
Phiet Le - Bachelor of Commerce/Economics
Tooru Nishido - Bachelor of Economics/Laws (Honours)
Arita Puriso - Bachelor of Economics
Grace Reinhold - Bachelor of Commerce/Economics
Benjamin Scott - Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours)
Machel Tamani - Bachelor of Economics, UQES President
Phuong Linh Tran- Bachelor of Economics


Postgraduate representatives

Erin Allport - Master of International Economics and Finance
Rigini Ashok Chopra- Master of International Economics and Finance
​Vinh Vo Ly Hoai - Master of Economics and Public Policy
Chelsea van der Merwe - Master of Economics and Public Policy
Abigail Smith - Master of Health Economics


HDR representatives

Patrick Duenow - PhD
Vacant (TBA)- PhD

Staff representatives

Professor Daniel Zizzo - Academic Dean and Head of School
Carl Sherwood - Director of Education
Professor Alicia Rambaldi - Employability Officer
Associate Professor Peter Earl - HDR Coordinator
Megan Sandaver - School Manager's representative

Consultation times


Belltop Cafe (view map)

Dates and times

First week of the month - Monday 11am
Second week of the month - Thursday 1pm
Third week of the month - Monday 3pm
Fourth week of the month - Wednesday 11am


Contact form

If you have any suggestions, queries, questions, or matters that you would like discussed at one of our meetings, please use the form below.

The form can be submitted anonymously, but you will need to include an email address if you would like a direct response.