Speaker: Dr Shino Takayama

Affiliation: The University of Queensland

Location: Level 6 Boardroom (629), Colin Clark Building (#39)

Zoom link: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/82603079317


We provide a generalization of Hall’s marriage theorem. Using this, we describe an implementation of the Generalized Constrained Probabilistic Se-rial (GCPS) mechanism, proposed by Balbuzanov (2022), to problems with feasibility constraints. If the number of agents or objects is not large, our algorithm is computationally tractable. In particular, it can be applicable to school choice problems with a moderate number of schools. In our context, the GCPS mechanism is efficient and has no justified envy. In addition, this mechanism is effectively strategy proof when the number of agents becomes large.

About the presenter:

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Colin Clark Building (#39)