Awards and achievements

The School of Economics is a driver of excellence in teaching and of research into improving teaching. It has recognized its good teachers in diverse ways over the last 20 and more years. The School has also trained its tutors in-house since the mid-1990s, with great success.

National AAUT, ALTC and UQ Awards

Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT)

  • 2017: Mr Carl Sherwood - Australian Award for  University Teaching Excellence
  • 2013: Mr Carl Sherwood - Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning 
  • 2011: Associate Professor Phil Bodman - Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
  • 2011: Mr Alan Duhs - Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Australian Learning and Teaching Council Awards (ALTC)

  • 2010: Dr James Laurenceson - Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

UQ Award for Teaching Excellence

  • 2015: Mr Carl Sherwood

UQ Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

  • 2020: Associate Professor Ian MacKenzie - for linking economic theory to practical applications using unconventional contextualisation and multiple layers of engagement, resulting in deep and transferable learning for students.

  • 2019: Associate Professor Marco Faravelli - For developing and implementing a serious economics game which enhanced student learning and outcomes in the economics discipline.
  • 2019: Dr Ian MacKenzie - For linking economic theory to real-world applications using unconventional contextualisation and multiple layers of engagement resulting in deep and transferable learning for students (Commendations)
  • 2018: Dr Bruce Littleboy, Mr Carl Sherwood, Associate Professor KK Tang, Dr Frederique Bracoud, Dr Bryan Morgan 
    Tutor Trainers in Economics, School of Economics (Commendations) - For enhancing students’ tutorial experience through an innovative selection process that identifies tutors best suited for facilitating small group learning and a discipline-specific training program.
  • 2016: Dr Frédérique Bracoud - For encouraging students from Economics, Arts and Business to acquire proficiency in Finance through original learning resources and activities, which foster engagement and accommodate diversity.
  • 2011: Mr Carl Sherwood - For sustained teaching excellence in economic theory by stimulating student learning via a case-based teaching approach, innovatively linking theory with business applications. ​
  • 2010: Mr Alan Duhs - For decades of inspiring students to learn through interactive, ‘unsettling’ teaching that illuminates the philosophical roots of economics, and for scholarly leadership in economics education.
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School of Economics Teaching Excellence Awards



Designing Learning Designing Assessment Building Integrated
Learning Environments
Enhancing Employability Leading Teaching
2020 Frederique Bracoud   Temesgen Kifle    
2019 Andrés Bellofatto       Begoña Domínguez
2018 Ian MacKenzie Rigissa Megalokonomou Carl Sherwood Flavio Menezes Heiko Gerlach
  Large Undergraduate Medium Undergraduate Small Undergraduate Large Postgraduate Small Postgraduate Casual Lecturer
2018 Carl Sherwood Bruce Littleboy Zachary Breig KK Tang Andrѐs Bellofatto Terence Yeo
2017 Ian MacKenzie Begoña Dominguez Eric Eisenstat Vera Te Velde,
Renuka Mahadevan
Peggy Schrobback,
Ian MacKenzie
Terence Yeo
2016 Carl Sherwood Antonio Peyrache Lana Friesen Antonio Peyrache Peggy Schrobback  
2015 Carl Sherwood Begoña Dominguez Jackie Robinson Temesgen Kifle Pravin Trivedi  
2014 James Laurenceson James Laurenceson Kenan Kalayci Frédérique Bracoud John Foster  
2013 Frédérique Bracoud Begoña Dominguez Priscilla Man Temesgen Kifle Begoña Dominguez  
2012 James Laurenceson Begoña Dominguez Marco Faravelli Temesgen Kifle Carl Sherwood  
2011 Carl Sherwood James Laurenceson Valentin Zelenyuk Temesgen Kifle Carl Sherwood  
2010 Lana Friesen KK Tang Rabee Tourky Paul Reithmuller Carl Sherwood  
2009 James Laurenceson Jason Potts James Laurenceson Gareth Leeves Chris O'Donnell  
2008 David Willis James Laurenceson Jason Potts David Willis Chris O'Donnell  


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