Speaker: Dr Ivan Balbuzanov

Affiliation: The University of Melbourne

Location: Room S402, Social Sciences Building (#24), UQ St Lucia Campus.


Drafts are allocation procedures for distributing heterogeneous and indivisible objects among agents subject to some priority order (e.g., allocating players' contract rights to teams in professional sports leagues). Agents reveal ordinal preferences over objects and bundles are partially ordered by pairwise comparison. We provide a simple characterisation of draft rules: they are the only allocation rules satisfying respectfulness of a priority (RP), envy-freeness up to one object (EF1), non-wastefulness (NW) and resource-monotonicity (RM). RP and EF1 are crucial for competitive balance in sports leagues. While draft rules are not strategyproof, they are maxmin strategyproof.

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Social Sciences Building (#24)