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The only Bachelor of Economics offered in Queensland. Our largest program, it helps students develop an understanding of economic theory and how it impacts decision-making. You’ll learn how to analyse, model and predict human behaviour.
This program places exceptional, hard-working students wanting to pursue a career in the fields of finance and economics into a challenging academic environment.
Combines rigorous, cross-disciplinary training and explores global policy challenges to help you pursue a leadership career in business, politics, NGOs or academia.

Why our students chose economics at UQ

Kate Green, a Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Arts student at UQ, explores three aspirational reasons to study economics.
Curious about a career in economics but not sure where you can go with an economics degree? Let’s explore potential pathways and opportunities you can enjoy in this field.
Kate Green reflects on how studying economics can expand your horizons and unlock unique opportunities far beyond what you find in the curriculum.

Expand your horizons with a dual degree

Training in economics teaches you to analyse and make decisions—skills that are in demand in most professions—which is why economics is one of the most popular combinations in dual degrees.

Improve your employment prospects and broaden your skills and knowledge by studying two programs at the same time.

As the world around you changes, new and fascinating career opportunities are created every day, and job roles increasingly combine multiple disciplines. A dual program, also called a double degree, will equip you for this evolving job market.

Students undertaking a dual program are advised to follow the recommended study plan for their program. View Programs and Courses for more information.

Explore some of our more popular dual degree programs.

Bachelor (dual degree) programsFull-time duration (from 2023)
Economics/Arts4 years
Economics/Business Management4 years
Economics/Commerce4 years
Economics/Engineering (Honours)5.5 years
Economics/Laws (Honours)5 years
Economics/Mathematics4 years
Economics/Science4 years


Benefits of dual degree programs


Save time and money

Graduate with two bachelor programs in as little as four years compared to 6 or 8 years for 2 single degrees.

Broaden your skills

Enhance your career prospects with skills that can be applied across multiple professions.

Strike a balance

Why compromise when you can pursue both your career ambitions and your passion? 

Get an edge

As a dual program graduate, you will have a competitive advantage with employers.

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