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Economics is our future - Could it be yours?

What does a career in economics actually look like? Whether you’re interested in government, private enterprise or social sciences, the world of economics is as vast as it is inspiring. Dive into the resources below to see just where your career might lead.

The million-dollar question - is economics all about money? The answer is a loud and resounding, ‘no’. At its core, economics is about people. It gives us the toolbox we need to make the best possible decisions whenever we’re faced with a choice. Money is just one of the powerful tools in that toolbox.  That explains why we see economics everywhere.

Jennifer Min, economics student

What's it like to study economics at UQ?

Dr Frederique Bracoud

Demystifying Economics
Dr Frederique Bracoud explains "the science of choice", the insights you will gain from studying Economics at UQ and why our program is unique.

Catherine discusses her time at UQ studying economics


Tips & Tricks for future UQ Bachelor of Economics Students
Catherine and Mitchell discuss their first weeks at university, what studying is like compared to high school, and the best places to grab a meal on campus.

Hear from UQ Bachelor of Economics students from UQ BEL Faculty on Vimeo.

Economics questions and insights

Economics is for solving big, and little, problems. It's the real world application of economic ideas to solve local and global issues. Hear from UQ researchers and lecturers as they take on the challenges of aged care, universal income and professional sport in a post COVID-19 economy.

Studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

What can you expect from a program that combines three different yet complementary disciplines? Economics Associate Professor Marco Faravelli and PPE student Oliver Friendship introduce you to this challenging program for highly motivated students who want to create change in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


What is a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics?
Associate Professor Marco Faravelli provides an overview of what you can expect from this multi-disciplinary program for high achievers


How to get the most out of studying PPE
Current student, Oliver Friendship, explains a few of the perks of studying PPE and some useful tips on how to make the most of your university experience.

Get a taste of tertiary economics

Can't wait to dive in and learn how to approach decision making like an economist? These free courses introduce you to economic fundamentals, and help you see how these principles relate to our everyday lives.

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Principles of Microeconomics
This free online course from UQ will set you up to think like an economist and to identify how economics relates to the everyday choices we make.

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Macroeconomics Performance Indicators
In this free online UQ course, learn about macroeconomics - how it affects business conditions and broader social outcomes.

Stories from UQ

school bags lined up on a bench

Dear 16-year-old me: advice from UQ academics
We asked some of UQ’s most successful academics to tell us about their highs and lows on the path to success. Here they share what they wish they could tell their 16-year-old self.

Catherine discusses her time at UQ studying economics


The unknown explored
At UQ, we know that many of the jobs our graduates will have over their lifetime don’t exist yet. That’s why our passionate academics work so hard to empower our students with the curiosity, confidence and problem-solving skills needed to face any future challenge head-on.

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Careers in Economics

Where can economics take you? Discover in-demand careers and see the paths forged by distinguished UQ alumni.




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