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No matter your career ambitions, the study of economics can improve your understanding of the world around us.

From climate change to pandemic planning, healthcare to household finances – the study of economics at the University of Queensland can help you tackle the big issues facing our world.

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Economics is our future. Could it be yours?

What does a career in economics actually look like? Whether you're interested in government, private enterprise or social sciences, the world of economics is as vast as it is inspiring. 

Let's explore all the potential pathways and opportunities you can enjoy in this field. 

The million-dollar question - is economics all about money? The answer is a loud and resounding, 'no'. At its core, economics is about people. It gives us the toolbox we need to make the best possible decisions whenever we're faced with a choice. Money is just one of the powerful tools in that toolbox. That explains why we see economics everywhere.     

Jennifer Min, Economics student

From global politics and poverty to climate change, economics is all about how we use resources to address needs and understand the decisions we make. Hear UQ students and alumni share why they chose to study economics and what the experience is like.
At first glance, the Bachelor of Economics is often misunderstood as a degree consisting entirely of numbers, money and analysing the nation's interest and inflation rates...
Discover 3 ways understanding economics can help you make a real difference in the world and change lives for the better.

Economics - Questions and Insights    

Economics is for solving big, and little, problems. It's the real world application of economic ideas to solve local and global issues. Hear from UQ researchers and lecturers as they take on the challenges of aged care, universal income and professional sport in a post COVID-19 economy.


Developing Indigenous Students

By growing the number of Indigenous economists at UQ, research can be expanded, and solutions can be developed with communities by people who understand them. Each year, the School of Economics offers scholarships to our students which you can combine with other University scholarships to boost your income support. 

Discover more 

The University of Queensland’s School of Economics community is made up of individuals who care about making real societal changes, nationally and globally.

Scholarships at UQ

Scholarships aren't just for ultra high-achievers, we have scholarships to help with financial need and to encourage diversity by supporting Indigenous students, women, people from rural areas and more. 

We have one of the most generous offerings in the state, with scholarships that can help with financial support, tuition, accommodation, mentoring and networking opportunities. Read our scholarships explained guide to learn about the different types of scholarships and how to find and apply for them. 

We have hundreds of scholarships for students finishing high school or taking a gap year. You might be surprised by just how many you're eligible for. 

Many scholarships begin taking applications from September all the way through to the end of January, and some remain open until March. It is a good idea to explore which scholarships you could be eligible for, gather any documents you may need, and then apply once you have received an offer from the university.

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Economics Schools Day 2024

11 July 2024 10:00am
Join us for our Schools Day and explore what a career in economics could look like for you. Attend lecture-style presentations, network with other students from around Brisbane, and participate in interactive and thought-provoking activities.


Here you will find downloadable resources and guides that will help you find out more about the Economics programs offered at UQ.

icon of a bar graph and trend line.Bachelor of Economics

The Bachelor of Economics is available as a dual degree with other disciplines such as arts and science. Dr Frederique Bracoud explains "the science of choice", the insights you will gain from studying Economics at UQ and why our program is unique.

Bachelor of Economics

Deciding which degree to pursue is never an easy task, especially when you also take each field’s reputation into account. Kate Green, a Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Arts student at UQ, explores three aspirational reasons to study economics.


icon of a bar and line graphBachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)

The Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) (BAFE) is an advanced and accelerated program with selective entry, small cohorts and heavy engagement with industry. Hear stories from our latest high fliers and emerging leaders in the fields of finance and economics.

Why Study BAFE? Professor Stephen Gray discusses the highly regarded Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) and how the program is structured to best prepare our students for some of the top jobs in investment banking, funds management, stockbroking, policy analysis, economic consulting and more.

Bachelor of advanced finance and economics (honours)

UQ Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics alumnus Emma Beal graduated as a valedictorian with first-class honours.


icon of money an a building with columnsBachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours)

What can you expect from a program that combines three different yet complementary disciplines? Economics lecturer Dr Haishan Yuan and Bachelor of Politics, Philosopy and Economics (Honours) (PPE) student Oliver Friendship introduce you to this challenging program for highly motivated students who want to create change in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

What is a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics? Dr Haishan Yuan provides an overview of what you can expect from this multi-disciplinary program for high achievers.

The Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (Honours) (PPE) is one of the most engaging programs on offer at UQ's Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.




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