National Chengchi University

National Chengchi University (NCCU) is based in Taipei, Taiwan and has upheld its motto of “Harmony, Independence, Balance and Pre-eminence” since 1927.

Students accepted to compete in this competition will pair up with students from National Chengchi University to form teams of four. Upon commencement of the competition, students will be allocated an economic issue with a detailed task sheet.

Students will work together via a number of digital platforms in order to tackle their given economic issue over a four week period (8-12 contact hours). 

Benefits of taking part in this competition include developing employability skills by evidencing an ability to:

  • collaborate with other students to achieve a common outcome
  • communicate economic analysis through written, spoken, and digital modes
  • prepare reports and deliver presentations
  • work independently when required
  • solve problems and provide workable, realistic solutions
  • critically analyse proposed alternatives
  • work in a globally connected, culturally diverse environment.


This competition is only open to UQ undergraduate students who have completed their first year of study. This competition is open to UQ students from the Faculty of Business, Economics & Law only. Participation is not restricted to economics (or related disciplines) majors but prior knowledge in economics is an advantage.

Competition dates

20 April 2020 – 15 May 2020


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

$250 AUD

$150 AUD

$100 AUD

Prizes are per UQ Student as outlined in The University of Queensland’s Borderless National Chengchi University Terms and Conditions.

Please note, these conditions only cover students currently enrolled in The University of Queensland. National Chengchi University students are subject to their own competition rules and conditions. Please email your lead coordinator at  for more information. 


Applications have now closed.

Please note this application form above is for UQ Students only. National Chengchi University students are subject to their own application process. Please email your lead coordinator at for more information.