School of Economics strategic plan 2019 - 2024

Our vision for the future


The School of Economics at The University of Queensland (UQ) strives for academic excellence in everything we do.

By leveraging on and extending our strengths in economics research and education, we seek to be leaders in addressing the big challenges that are faced globally by private and public sector organisations.

We want to empower our students to be the adaptable, game changing and global leaders and citizens of the future, bearing their education and employability at the forefront.

We support innovative thinking in research and education.

We have a social responsibility by which we see the benefits of combining outstanding research and education with delivering impact of benefit to public sector, corporate, non-profit partners and the broader community locally and globally.

Strategic priorities

To empower our students to be the adaptable, game changing and global leaders and citizens of the future.

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To strengthen our ability to lead in applied economics research and to address big challenges, while preserving our areas of existing research leadership.

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To partner for positive change across the University and with external stakeholders, expanding our global reach.

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To develop our staff and to foster a culture of diversity, inclusion and respect.

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To maintain a sustainable financial base and ensure an effective use of resources to support the School’s reputation and its strategic priorities.

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Creating a better future through research

Partner with us

The University of Queensland is actively looking for organisations to collaborate with our researchers to find solutions to today's technical, social, economic and environmental challenges.

With a strong history of engaging with industry, government and the community, our research team offers a primary point of contact between faculty researchers and industry partners.