Winners - National Chengchi University and UQ

Borderless competition

Earlier this year, a number of UQ Economics students paired up with students from National Chengchi University and participated in groups to address one of the following tasks.

Students worked together via a number of digital platforms in order to tackle their given economic issue over a four-week period, before submitting their work via video to a panel of international judges. The students remained in various geographical locations throughout the whole competition, never meeting in person.

The task

Students were to propose an initiative that can promote mutually beneficial trade and/or investment between Taiwan and Australia, whose governments can ‘unofficially’ support. Their proposed initiative could be a cultural, professional, business or academic programme, but they were required to demonstrate an economic impact.

Using relevant facts, statistics and literature, students had to economically analyse the benefits of their proposal and argue its value for the required costs.

The results

Judges' Comments:

“Clean and simple idea very skilfully presented and argued. Indicates the knowledge on the limitation of their analysis but nonetheless put forward a convincing case.”




First place

Eric L. (NCCU)
Ti-Wen C. (NCCU)
Jennifer M. (UQ)
Neve L. (UQ)

Judges' Comments:

“Very nice ideas, with a lot of thoughts in it.”




Second place

Frank H. (NCCU)
Rachel H. (NCCU)
Muhammad I. (UQ)
Ruiwen Z. (UQ)

Judges' Comments:

“An interesting idea with an engaging presentation.”




Third place

Apple F. (NCCU)
Frank C. (NCCU)
Fahim S. (UQ)
Dona S. (UQ)

Judges' Comments:

“Identified plausible collaboration. Clear explanation. Very professional presentation. However, some important considerations (e.g., environment, national security) are missing.”




Honourable Mention

Jane L. (NCCU)
Bing-Yang C. (NCCU)
Howard. W (UQ)
Joshua Z. (UQ)

Judges' Comments:

“Interesting ideas.  The attempt of arguing that the indirect benefit is worth the cost is convincing.”



Honourable Mention

Yin-Hsuan C (NCCU)
Beans L. (NCCU)
Ben S. (UQ)
Kai O. (UQ)

Judges' Comments:

“Identified a genuine sector for collaboration, though the time horizon of the proposal is unclear.”



Honourable mention

Tyreke N. (NCCU)
Alice H. (NCCU)
Max B. (UQ)
Greer C. (UQ)



The opinions expressed in this video reflect only the opinions of its authors. They do not represent the views of the organisers of the competition, nor those of National Chengchi University or The University of Queensland.



Borderless is an interuniversity competition run in partnership between the National Chengchi University​ and The University of Queensland.