Current PhD students, projects and supervisors

AndriyantoComparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Evidence From Public ProcurementDr Dong-Hyuk KimProfessor Flavio Menezes
Ramazan BoraDistributive politics, institutions and political competition Professor Alicia RambaldiDr Haishan Yuan 
Alicia BubbEssays on the Optimal Taxation of CouplesDr Andres BellofattoProfessor Begona Dominguez
Salonkara ChaudhuriEssays on natural disaster and labour marketProfessor Flavio Menezes, Dr Metin Uyanik, Dr Satoshi Tanaka 
Ruyue (April) DengThe Estimation of Economic Cost and Social Cost of Language Barrier Faced by Immigrants from Different Linguistic OriginProfessor Alicia Rambaldi, Dr Dong-Hyuk Kim
Sima Rani DeyDigital Finance to reduce gender gap in financial inclusion: Evidence from South AsiaProfessor KK Tang, Dr Haishan YuanDr Lizi Yu
Aarushi DhingraThree essays on health economics and health shocks: IVF policy change implications Professor Brenda GannonProfessor Luke ConnellyProfessor Gita Mishra 
Xiaoxue DouIncorporating the Gains from Healthy Ageing in Health System PlanningProfessor Luke ConnellyEmeritus Professor Stephen BirchDr Sabrina Lenzen
Patrick Duenow Uncertainty, learning and growth dynamics in export marketsProfessor Luke ConnellyProfessor KK TangProfessor Stephen Birch 
Kieran GibsonUnderstanding the system of reciprocityDr Vera te Velda,  Dr Priscilla Man
Yuancheng (Ryan) HanThe effects of change in weather on Australian agricultural production Dr Satoshi TanakaDr Jorge Miranda-Pinto, Professor Begona Dominguez 
Kim HoyeEfficiency analysis of electricity networks Professor Christopher O'Donnell
Joshua HuismanVoter Behaviour and Polarisation: The Role of Social PreferencesA/Prof Marco FaravelliDr Vera Te Velde
Ryan Leung Copula models under high dimensionality Dr Mohamad Khaled, Professor Alicia Rambaldi 
Xinyang LiDoes Social Capital Attenuate Negative Mental Health Shocks?Professor KK Tang, Dr Jonas FookenDr Fu Ouyang
Zhongyi LiaoData Protection, Platforms and Competition PolicyA/Prof Heiko GerlachProf Claudio Mezzetti
Yunlong LiuDesigning a robust blockchain mechanism in the presence of information asymmetryProfessor Claudio MezzettiDr Shino Takayama
Yuqing Liu Essays on financial crises and market manipulationDr Shino TakayamaDr Jorge Miranda Pinto, Emeritus Professor Andrew McLennan 
Abigail Lloyd Exploring the complex relationships between pre-existing conditions and cancer diagnosis in an ageing population Professor Stephen Birch, Professor Anne Spencer 
Joshua LookIs Popularism Economic? Exploring a Demand and Supply Relationship for Extreme PoliciesDr Shino TakayamaDr Haishan Yuan
Daniel Maggacis A game theoretic analysis of the OECD's use of competition in the international tax domain Associate Professor Jeffrey Kline 
Kopal Mathur Talent allocation in the Indian economy: measurement and policy implications Dr Antonio Bellofatto, Dr Sourabh Paul, Dr Jorge Miranda Pinto
Keshini Muthukuda Use of e-health devices, privacy and the risk of personal health data breachesProfessor Claudio MezzettiDr Haishan Yuan
Dinh Dao NguyenThe economics of child health: Determinants of child physical and mental health and their long-term consequences.Professor Luke ConnellyProfessor Stephen Birch
Matthew OanceaInvesting in health as a pathway to improved economic performanceProfessor Stephen Birch, Dr Przemyslaw Sowa 
Kuangyu SangRedistributional Effect of Monetary Shock Under the Perspective of Liquidity FrictionProf Rodney StrachanA/Prof Eric Eisenstat
Arijit SarkarElectricity Market Design with Renewable EnergyDr Metin Uyanik, A/Prof Saptarshi Mukherjee
Charity Shadforth How do we make decisions with probabilistic information?: Negotiating environmental impacts & resource development Professor Daniel ZizzoAssociate Professor Lana Friesen, Dr Luk Peeters 
Nesanthan SrianandarajahMarket design of electricity markets as they transition to high shares of renewablesProfessor Flavio MenezesDr. Archie Chapman 
Yumeng TongDeveloping an integrated model to evaluate economic and social change in rural QueenslandEmeritus Professor John ManganProfessor Christopher O'Donnell 
Nicholas UmashevThe causes and consequences of antisocial behaviourProfessor Daniel ZizzoDr Carlos Oyarzun, Dr Alexandros Karakostas
Han Wang Socioeconomic status and purchase of soda in the United States: the role of consumers preference and in-store promotionProfessor KK Tang, Dr Dong-Hyuk Kim 
Songnan WangManaging Carbon Offsets to Improve Australian Climate PolicyA/Prof Lana FriesenProf Ian MacKenzie
Zhichao WangImproving productivity: theory and application to Australian hospitals.Professor Valentin ZelenyukEmeritus Professor Prasada Rao
Xinghao YaoInformation Provision and Decision Making in Financial MarketsDr Kenan KalayciProf Lionel Page
Chunsheng ZhangAccounting for endogeneity and measurement issues in econometric models of peer effectsDr Christiern RoseDr Antonio PeyracheDr Mohamad Khaled