Researcher biography

Professor Menezes works in the fields of market design and auction theory, incentives, regulation and competition.

Flavio Menezes is a Professor of Economics at the School of Economics at The University of Queensland. He was head of the School of Economics from January 2009 to January 2015. He joined The University of Queensland in June 2006, after more than a decade at the Australian National University, where amongst other responsibilities he was the Foundation Director of the Australian Centre of Regulatory Economics. Flavio was also a part-time Vice-President with the Regulatory Economics and Public Policy Practice at CRA International in Canberra until May 2006 and a Senior Consultant until May 2007.

Flavio Menezes has published over 70 journal articles on the economics of auctions, competition and regulatory economics, industrial organization, and market design. He is regarded as one of Australia’s leading auction expert and is the author of a well-known book on auction theory published by Oxford University Press. Flavio Menezes has presented seminars and delivered lectures in the American, Europe and in the Asia Pacific Regions. He has lectured to both academic audiences and practitioners. His academic career has taken him to world renowned institutions as a visitor. He is the immediate past President of the Economic Society of Australia (Queensland Branch), the Chair of the Queensland Competition Authority and the Chair of the Economics and Commerce Research Evaluation Committee for ERA 2018. He is co-editor of the Economic Record and a member of the editorial board and associate editor of a number of international journals

Professor Menezes has a rich consulting experience. Overseas consulting includes being the main advisor on the determination of a privatisation model for utilities, reviewing government procurement practices, and providing advice on electricity regulatory reform and competition issues in telecommunications, banking, health and dairy industries. Consulting experiences in Australia include advising the Federal Government, AEMC, ACCC, IPART, QCA and the Victorian and ACT Governments on market design issues in regulatory environments and providing economic advice to various private and public organisations on mergers, competition and regulatory issues in defence, water, gambling, natural resources, energy, smart cities, banking, health, transport and telecommunications.