In making a gift to the University, Doug and Janine Ritchie wish to honour their commitment to provide opportunities for academically qualified students who are economically disadvantaged.

Scholarship Criteria

One scholarship is available each year. To be eligible for the Scholarship a student must be a commencing undergraduate student enrolled full time in a program administered by the School of Business, Economics or Law. It is the intention of the donors to continue to support the recipient of the Scholarship for a maximum duration of three years.

To be eligible for the Scholarship a student must:

  1. be a commencing domestic student, enrolled full time in an undergraduate degree program administered by the School of Business, Economics or Law;
  2. have achieved an entry level OP score between 1-5 or the equivalent if originating from another Australian state or territory;
  3. be able to demonstrate financial need; and
  4. provide a statement outlining the impact the Scholarship will make to their life at UQ.

The Scholarship Selection Committee will give added consideration to candidates who have made a meaningful contribution to society; are well-balanced; who hold a wide-range of interests; and who are seeking professional opportunities beyond an academic career.

Continuation of the Scholarship

For a recipient to retain the support of the Scholarship following the first year, he/she must: 

  1. continue to be enrolled full time in the original degree program listed on their application form;
  2. achieve an overall GPA of 5.5 on a 7.0 scale in each year of study; and,
  3. be able to prove, using up-to-date supporting documentation that he/she still requires financial assistance.

Note – the Selection Committee may waive the GPA requirement where there are extenuating circumstances.

Selection Procedure

The Scholarship recipient will be chosen based on a review of written applications by a selection committee comprising the Executive Dean of the BEL Faculty or nominee; an Academic Administrative Manager from the School of Business, Economics or Law appointed by the Executive Dean, or their nominee; and Doug and Janine Ritchie or their nominee. Where it is not possible to make a decision based on written applications, the Selection Committee may undertake an interview process as part of the short-listing.

Amount of Award

Each Scholarship awarded will not be less than $12,000.


Application Form

Deadline TBC