Applications for 2019 Winter Research Scholarships will open on 15 March 2019 and close 5 April 2019.

The UQ Winter Research Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students wishing to undertake a research internship over the winter vacation period.

Research internships provide students with the opportunity to work with a researcher in a formal research environment so that they may experience the research process and discover what research is being undertaken in their field of interest at UQ.

Some students may qualify to receive a scholarship for the duration of their internship.

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We do not require you to obtain tentative supervisor approval prior to submitting your application. 

Projects available in the School of Economics 

The economic value of the participation of women

A review of poverty and income inequality in China

The effects and challenges to addressing environmental and poverty alleviation issues in tourism  

The rise of digital services, inter-state trade, and structural transformation

Using data analytics to evaluate the efficiency of shipping container movements in Port of Brisbane

Effects of managerial changes on firm performance after privatisation

Should what gets measured get managed?

Sex selection in India

Gender peer effects in Supreme Court

The effect of university entry scholarships on academic performance and labour market outcomes

The rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency: studying behaviours, successful use-cases, and predicting future trends

Returns to education and labour market outcomes for refugees in Australia