The School of Economics run a regular seminar program to enable our academic staff and higher degree by research students to keep abreast of the latest research topics and interact with international, national and internal experts in the field. There are six types of seminar series with its own academic coordinator: Applied Economics, Econometrics Colloquium, Economic Theory, Macroeconomics, Centre for Unified Behavioural and Economic Sciences (CUBES) and Brown Bag.

2024 Seminar Coordinators

Applied economics

Taxational resource curve – evidence from China

13 April 2017 12:00pm1:00pm
Shawn Chen | University of Western Australia
Economic Theory Seminar Series

Economic Theory Seminar Series: Collusion in auctions: an informed principals perspective

12 April 2017 11:00am12:00pm
Benjamin Balzer | University of Technology, Sydney
Applied economics

Students are Almost as Effective as Professors in Tutorial Teaching

6 April 2017 12:00pm1:00pm
Nicolas Salamanca Acosta | University of Melbourne
Economic Theory Seminar Series

Economic Theory Seminar Series: A strategic product for belief functions

5 April 2017 11:00am12:00pm
Ronald Stauber | Australian National University
Econometrics Colloquium Seminar

Econometrics Colloquium Seminar: Uncertain Identification

30 March 2017 12:00pm1:00pm
Toru Kitagawa | University College London
Applied economics

Investing when risk and ambiguity create opportunities for exploitation – the basic mechanism and the case of ageing investors

9 March 2017 12:00pm1:00pm
Jonas Fooken | Centre for the Business & Economics of Health, University of Queensland
Economic Theory Seminar Series

Economic Theory Seminar Series: Middlemen: the good, the bad, and the ugly

8 March 2017 11:00am12:00pm
Gary Biglaiser | University of North Carolina
Applied economics

Regulatory tournaments and social norms

6 October 2016 12:00pm2:00pm
Dietrich Earnhart | University of Kansas
Econometrics Colloquium Seminar

Bayesian Rank Selection in Multivariate Regression

25 August 2016 12:00pm1:00pm
Anastasios Panagiotelis | Monash University
Applied economics

Partial Identification of the Return to Schooling

5 May 2016 12:00pm2:00pm
Juergen Meinecke | Australian National University
Applied economics

Fast and Accurate Computation of Marginal Likelihood

21 April 2016 12:00pm2:00pm
Dr Reza Hajargasht | University of Melbourne
Applied economics

Reconciling Output Gaps: Unobserved Components Model and Hodrick-Prescott Filter

14 April 2016 12:00pm2:00pm
Joshua Chan | Australian National University
Applied economics

On measuring regional or global growth and inflation

2 December 2015 12:00pm2:00pm
Bert Balk | Erasmus University


Seminars 2024

AugustFriday 17thEconometricsDr Dakyung Seong (University of Sydney)
 Friday 9thEconomic TheoryA/Prof Selcuk Ozyurt (York University)
 Thursday 8thBrown BagA/Prof Antonio Rosato (The University of Queensland)
 Tuesday 6thMacroeconomicsProf Martin Berka (Griffith University)
 Thursday 1stApplied EconomicsProf Tommasso Valletti (Imperial College London)
JulyWednesday 31stCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesA/Prof Shengwu Li (Harvard University)
 Wednesday 31stEconometricsDr Hanbat Jeong (Macquarie University)
 Wednesday 24thEconomic TheoryProf Andey Malenko (Boston College)
 Tuesday 23rdMacroeconomicsDr Yasin Kürşat Önder (Ghent University)
 Wednesday 17thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Nadya Malenko (Boston College)
 Tuesday 16thEconomic TheoryTatiana Kornienko (King's College London)
 Wednesday 10thEconomic TheoryProf Ed Hopkins (King's College London)
 Tuesday 9thMacroeconomicsA/Prof Takeki Sunakawa (Hitotsubashi University)
JuneWednesday 19thEconometricsJan Teichert-Kluge (University of Hamburg)
 Wednesday 19thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Alexander Cappelen (Norwegian School of Economics)
 Wednesday 12thEconomic TheoryProf Kim-Sau Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University)
MayThursday 30thBrown BagDr Fu Ouyang (The University of Queensland)
 Wednesday 22ndCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Ragan Petrie (Texas A&M University)
 Wednesday 22ndEconometricsDr Junlong Feng (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
 Tuesday 21st MacroeconomicsDr Nicolas Werquin (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
 Friday 17thApplied EconomicsProf Yuting Zhang (University of Melbourne)
 Thursday 16thBrown BagDr Metin Uyanik (The University of Queensland)
 Wednesday 15thEconomic TheoryA/Prof Silvana Krasteva (Texas A&M University)
 Friday 10thEconomic TheoryA/Prof Audrey Hu (University of Hong Kong)
 Thursday 9thBrown BagA/Prof Eric Eisenstat (The University of Queensland)
 Wednesday 8th EconometricsProf Ryo Okui (University of Tokyo)
 Wednesday 8thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Daniela Puzzello (Indiana University)
 Tuesday 7thMacroeconomicsDr Bettina Brueggemann (McMaster University)
 Friday 3rdEconometricsProf Brendan Beare (University of Sydney)
 Thursday 2ndApplied EconomicsProf Jefferey Clemens (University of California)
 Wednesday 1stEconomic TheoryA/Prof Laura Doval (Columbia Business School)
AprilTuesday 30thEconomic Theory A/Prof Szilvia Palai (Concordia University)
 Friday 26thApplied EconomicsDr Brian Varian (Newcastle University)
 Wednesday 24thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Mira Frick (Yale University)
 Tuesday 23rdMacroeconomicsDr Faisal Sohail (University of Melbourne)
 Friday 19thApplied EconomicsA/Prof Jason Kerwin (University of Minnesota)
 Thursday 18thBrown BagA/Prof Julie Moschion (The University of Queensland)
 Wednesday 17thEconomic Theory Prof Navin Kartik (Columbia University)
 Thursday 11thApplied EconomicsProf Hitoshi Shigeoka (University of Tokyo)
 Wednesday 10thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Roberto Weber (University of Zurich)
 Wednesday 10thEconometricsDr Moyu Liao (University of Sydney)
 Tuesday 9thMacroeconomicsA/Prof Kai Zhao (University of Connecticut)
MarchThursday 28thApplied EconomicsProf Sangyoon Park (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
 Wednesday 27thEconometricsDr Didier Nibbering (Monash University)
 Wednesday 27thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Emanuel Vespa (UC San Diego)
 Thursday 21stBrown BagDr Yaying Zhou (The University of Queensland)
 Wednesday 20thEconomic TheoryDr Anton Tsoy (University of Toronto)
 Monday 18thMacroeconomicsDr Ying Feng (National University of Singapore)
 Thursday 14th Applied EconomicsProf Emilio Depetris-Chauvin (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
 Wednesday 13thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Aldo Rustichini (University of Minnesota)
 Wednesday 13thEconometricsA/Prof Seojeong Lee (Seoul National University)
 Thursday 7thBrown BagDr Kun Zhang (The University of Queensland)
 Wednesday 6thEconomic TheoryDr Mark Whitmeyer (Arizona State University)
 Tuesday 5thMacroeconomicsProf Kozo Ueda (Waseda University)
 Friday 1stEconometricsProf Shuping Shi (Macquarie University)
FebruaryThursday 29thApplied EconomicsDr Sarah Bana (Chapman University)
 Wednesday 28thCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Ben Bushong (Michigan State University)
 Friday 23rdCentre for Unified Behavioural and Economic SciencesProf Simon Weidenholzer (University of Essex)
 Thursday 22ndBrown BagDr Manuel Staab (The University of Queensland)