UQ@MRG members use their expertise in fundamental and applied research in macroeconomics to help solve problems relevant to industry and policy-making.

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Policy Design and Evaluation

UQ@MRG's members provide consulting services to support governments' policy-making. Our experts provide neutral services to assess policy effectiveness and predict and evaluate the effects of measures and programmes to achieve key indicators.

Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy

UQ@MRG's members have extensive experience in monetary policy research. We provide advice to clients based on our knowledge of macroeconomic models, state-of-the-art theory and empirical research used by central banks in various countries.

Understanding Economic Conditions

UQ@MRG's members contribute to understanding and forecasting macroeconomic variables such as GDP, price levels and consumption at national, regional and industry levels. Our experts help government policymakers and central banks to understand and forecast current economic conditions, as well as private companies and others to obtain meaningful information on management and investment strategies.