About the symposium

The School of EconomicsBehavioral and Economic Science Cluster (BESC) and the Centre for Business and Economics of Health (CBEH) at the University of Queensland are organising an online symposium on Thursday, the 26th of November on changing behaviour for health and health care.


The symposium aims to engage researchers and partners in health care across public and private sectors to:

  1. Identify behavioural factors that contribute to health problems and challenges in health care provision,
  2. Explore economic policies to promote healthy behaviour, improve health care funding and reduce incentive conflicts in health care provision,
  3. Develop opportunities for collaboration in designing evidence-based policies for the future of health and health care.


Time Session 
9.00am Welcome
Professor Brenda Gannon, Symposium Chair

Session 1: Producing health
Improving health and well-being through taxing unhealthy behaviours

Short presentation by Professor Daniel Zizzo
Workshop facilitated by Dr Jonas Fooken

10.10-10.25 Break

Session 2: Paying for health care
Improving health care coverage through informed consumer choice: Complexity and health insurance

Short presentation by A/Professor Lana Friesen
Workshop facilitated by Professor Luke Connelly

11.25-11.40 Break

Session 3: Delivering health care
Improving health care impact through provider incentives

Short presentation by Professor Stephen Birch
Workshop facilitated by Jane Patridge, Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division, Queensland Department of Health.

12.40-12.45 Closing remarks
Professor Brenda Gannon