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We gather leading researchers in behavioural sciences across UQ

UQ's Behavioural and Economic Science Cluster is an interdisciplinary group of researchers in economics and behavioural sciences.

Researchers from the BESC come from different disciplines: behavioural and experimental economics, psychology, neuroscience, and mathematics. They use these different perspectives both in fundamental research to understand how people make decisions and in policy and industry applications to help decision-makers.

The cluster uses a state of the art laboratory to conduct behavioural experiments.

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We hold e-seminars every second Wednesday via Zoom at 10 am or 5 pm (AEST), depending on whether the guest speaker is streaming from US/Australia or Europe respectively.
The BESC lab is used by cluster members to conduct experimental research in social sciences such as economics, psychology, management and political science. Find out more about using the lab or participating in experiments

Research areas

The study of how people make decisions, individually or in groups, integrating insights from economics, game theory, decision theory, psychology and neuroscience.
The study of how people make strategic decisions in social interactions such as in situations of competition, cooperation, and coordination.
The study of firms, employees and consumer behaviours in markets, taking into account the insights from behavioural economics.
The study of voters, politicians and political institutions, taking into account the insights from behavioural economics.
The study of how people make financial decisions and how financial markets work in practice.
Using insights from behavioural economics to help consumers and citizens make better decisions for themselves and society.
BESC members use their expertise in fundamental and applied research in behavioural sciences to help solve problems relevant to industry and policy-making.

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