CEPA was established at the University of Queensland in 2003 to provide a focal point for research, consultancy and training in efficiency and productivity analysis in Australia and the Asia/Pacific Region. The staff of the Centre are involved in all aspects of efficiency and productivity analysis, including firm-level, industry-level, and international comparisons, in both private and government sectors. Measurement methods used include: index numbers, data envelopment analysis (DEA), stochastic frontiers and econometric production models.

The principal aims and objectives of the Centre are to undertake theoretical and applied research, develop useful end-user-driven short courses and workshops and to develop computer software for use by private and public sector organisations. Specific objectives are:

  • to assess and develop methods for the measurement of productivity, efficiency and economic performance;
  • to apply these methods to assess the performance of firms, industries and sectors within the domestic and international economies;
  • to conduct research directed towards explaining and interpreting patterns of productivity and economic growth across nations;
  • to conduct ex post assessment of the effects of microeconomic reform and deregulation on productivity and efficiency;
  • to provide technical advice to private and public sector and international organisations on efficiency and productivity measurement; and
  • to offer short courses and workshops to researchers, managers and policy analysts from various sectors of industry and government.