Strategic priority three

To partner for positive change across the University and with external stakeholders, expanding our global reach.

Our world faces complex challenges that require public, private and academic collaboration.

Economic considerations can be paramount to finding scalable solutions for global issues, and, as such, the School will further strengthen collaboration on major social and economic issues with our internal and external partners. The big challenges of today are usually ‘wicked’ problems requiring complex interdisciplinary solutions, and Economics can play a key role in making those solutions happen.

Students are at the forefront of everything we do, so we will work with our partners to provide more collaborative opportunities for our undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts.

We will proactively develop and strengthen opportunities with international university partners in terms of student exchanges, agreements for recognition of prior learning, and study tours.

We will also extend the connectivity of the School across the University, to achieve together, more than we could do separately.

The School currently collaborates on a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours) program, which aims to create leaders able to successfully integrate different perspectives. We will increase purposeful high-quality engagement with internal and external stakeholders such as key public, private and third party sector organisations, to increase the reach and therefore impact of our research outcomes.

To promote stronger research partnerships, we will work to ensure better communication of opportunities, to provide smarter support and to recognise and incentivise success.

We will also strengthen School engagement with various alumni networks and cultivate a genuine partnership with our alumni community. We will improve communication, so we can better support them and participate in mutually beneficial projects.

The School will collaborate on major social and economic issues with our partners.