Strategic priority one

To empower our students to be the adaptable, game changing and global leaders and citizens of the future.

The School recognises that we live in an age of economic, social, technological and environmental disruption – a world with a pervasive and evolving digital presence.

In our modern world, disruptive automation technologies such as robotics have an ever-increasing impact on how labour markets are structured by displacing workers and creating new opportunities. In line with this shift, the profile of graduate employment opportunities will continue to change, and it is the School’s duty to ensure our graduates are ready to fulfil the requirements of careers that may not yet exist. We want their education to enable them to be agents of positive change in this age of disruption.

The School will leverage our academic and teaching expertise to empower students to be the adaptable, game changing and global leaders and citizens the world will need. Digital and global dimensions will be a crucial part of our strategy to help develop the leaders and citizens of the future.

We will expand our blended education capabilities, increasing the number of courses that incorporate digital technologies. We will aim to provide an increasing number of interactive, roleplay based and on-demand learning offerings while still providing the quality face-to-face teaching contact with our staff that our students value. We will provide additional flexible online learning opportunities for students, for example, via summer semester digital course provision. This approach will enable us to offer more flexibility to our students while not compromising on the quality of the education they receive.

We will strengthen the global dimension of our curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities, for example, via the introduction of global digital competitions involving university and public/private sector partners.

We will strengthen the mutual engagement of our international and our domestic students. We will provide global internship options and strengthen opportunities for our students to benefit from alumni mentors and networks globally.

We see students as active partners in their learning experience and the diversity of our student body as a strength.