Winners - Exeter and UQ

Borderless competition

Earlier this year, a number of UQ Economics students paired up with students from University of Exeter and participated in groups to address one of the following tasks.

Students worked together via a number of digital platforms in order to tackle their given economic issue over a five-week period, before submitting their work via video to a panel of international judges. The students remained in various geographical locations throughout the whole competition, never meeting in person.

The tasks

Option 1- Green Power and Energy Prices

In December 2017, some utility users in Germany got a welcome stocking-stuffer. Due to the country's clean energy infrastructure, there was an electricity surplus on most of Christmas Eve and a portion of Christmas Day. Thanks to green power, consumers were essentially paid to use electricity during their holidays. Negative energy prices are occurring more often than anticipated as the clean energy infrastructure advances.

Provide an in-depth explanation of a clean energy market model in which negative prices might occur and discuss the implications of such prices for the consumers and producers.

Option 2 - Australian Bushfires

Bushfires have devastated many parts of Australia over the summer of 2019-20. Identify a specific issue that has emerged as a result of the bushfires. Then using economic theory, detail your recommendation(s) to an appropriate level of government (Local, State or Federal) as to how to address the specific issue you identified. You need to indicate how your proposed recommendation(s) would be implemented.

The results

Judges' Comments:
“The team has provided a very clear explanation of an important health consequence of the bush fire.”
“Interesting use of behavioural economics.”



First place

Will (Exeter)
Tan (Exeter)
Max (UQ)

Judges' Comments:
“The team has explained the impacts of negative energy prices […] on various sectors clearly.”
“I feel I learned more from this presentation.”




Second place

Dayaanan (Exeter)
Nina (Exeter)
Yu Shuen (UQ)

Judges' Comments:
“The team has explained the negative energy prices phenomenon in Germany very clearly."
“Sensible, fluent and mature.”




Third place

Florian (Exeter)
Francisco (Exeter)
Liam (UQ)

Judges' Comments:
“Orderly, clear and measured. Plausible policy, for NSW and beyond.”




Fourth Place

Sami (Exeter)
Christian (Exeter)
Lisa (UQ)



Honourable mention

Abylaikhan (Exeter)
James (Exeter)
Rosemary (UQ)



The opinions expressed in this video reflect only the opinions of its authors. They do not represent the views of the organisers of the competition, nor those of The University of Exeter or The University of Queensland.



Borderless is an interuniversity competition run in partnership between the University of Exeter and The University of Queensland.