The Tactical Global Management Honours Prize for Best Performance in Macroeconomics was established in 2013 and is maintained by an annual gift from Tactical Global Management (TGM).

1. Purpose

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and reward the study of Economics at The University of Queensland.

2. Definitions

In these rules-

Head means the Head of School, School of Economics.

Prize means the The Tactical Global Management Honours Prize

3. Value of Prize

The value of the prize is $1000, with this amount to be confirmed with TGM prior to the commencement of each academic year.

4. Eligibility of Award

An applicant is eligible for the scholarship, if the applicant -

  1. is enrolled full-time in the Bachelor of Economics (Honours); and
  2. Recipients must have the best overall performance in the compulsory course ECON6020 Macroeconomics A and in the Honours thesis that meets the following guidelines:

Eligible Honours thesis would include those that:

  1. Deal with a contemporary issue in one (or more) of the following areas: macroeconomic theory, macroeconomic policy, monetary economics, international macroeconomics, and macroeconomics and finance.
  2. Focus on the applied aspects of the issue i.e. theoretical and empirical tools are combined to answer a relevant macroeconomic question.

5. Selection Process

  1. For the selection process, the Head must establish a selection committee, comprising-
    1. the Head, or nominee, as chair of the committee; and
    2. the Honours Coordinator in the School of Economics.
  2. The selection committee may decide to interview short-listed applicants.
  3. The prize is awarded to the applicant showing greatest merit as demonstrated by -
    1. academic achievement in courses undertaken in the Bachelor of Economics program; and
    2. best overall performance in the Honours thesis as set out in the above guidelines.


For further information please contact:

School of Economics
T:  +61 7 3346 9748