Research centres and groups

The School hosts the Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (CEPA), an internationally renowned research centre and three other recognised groups. These groups enable a critical mass of researchers with common research interests and expertise to facilitate team-based discovery and collaboration and to bring the benefits of this research to the external community through consulting and other engagement activities. Members of these groups include researchers from other areas within and external to the university.

An interdisciplinary group conducting research in behavioural economics, experimental economics and decision-making.
CEPA provides a focal point for research, consultancy and training in efficiency and productivity analysis in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
EEMG is a national research leader in the economics of renewable energy. Our research capability is built upon sophisticated modelling platforms, developed using complex system methods that are unique in Australia.
The mission of MRG@UQ is to contribute towards the understanding of the causes and consequences of fluctuations in economy-wide variables.
Led by Australian Laureate Fellow Professor John Quiggin, RSMG examines the problems of sustainably managing environmental resources.