Industry and policy applications

CUBES members use their expertise in fundamental and applied research in behavioural sciences to help solve problems relevant to industry and policy-making.

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money tree iconFinancial decisions


Helping customers and traders to make better decisions when faced with complex products.

  • Decisions in financial investments
  • Decisions over insurance products
  • Traders decision-making.


mobile phone with shopping cart iconConsumer behaviour


Helping the design of products and the adoption by customers.

  • How to inform consumers properly about products
  • How to reduce consumers' search costs
  • How to use big data and analytics to help consumers make better decisions
  • How to facilitate the transition to sustainable consumption.


heart icon with line trending upwardHealth decisions


Helping people make better health decisions to get long term desirable health outcomes.

  • How to help people reach the health goals they set to themselves
  • How to help people make informed medical decisions.


screen and book iconEducation


Understanding the challenges and barriers faced by students at school and university and how to help improve their level of achievement and their decision-making.

  • How to help improve motivation and performance of students
  • How to help students form a better understanding of the options ahead of them.


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