The Behavioural and Economic Science Cluster (UQ BESC) is hosting a cross-faculty workshop on social science experiments on Monday 28 October 2019.

The main goal of the workshop is to bring together UQ researchers who share a common interest in designing and running experiments about human behaviour. It will also be an opportunity for experimentalists to present their work and receive feedback from different disciplines in preparation for upcoming grant rounds.

We invite experimentalists from all fields to join us for this workshop.


  • Inducing Impulsive States to Increase Laboratory Alcohol Consumption in Young Adults
    Matthew Gullo, Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research
  • A stepping stone approach to bad social norms: theory and evidence from FGC in Somalia
    David Smerdon, School of Economics
  • Self-Deception: Detecting Deceptive Behaviour After the Fact
    Bill von Hippel, School of Psychology
  • Does Exposure to Violence Affect Reciprocity? Experimental evidence from the West Bank
    Daniel Zizzo, School of Economics
  • Bribing to Queue-Jump: A Cross-Country Experiment in Greece and Germany
    Alexandros Karakostas, School of Economics
  • Positive and negative intergroup information differentially affects intergroup attitude
    Fiona Barlow, School of Psychology
  • Risky Mistakes and Revisions
    Zachary Breig, School of Economics
  • Risk Taking with Left and Right-Skewed Lotteries
    Lana Friesen, School of Economics
  • Behavioural Biases in Voting
    Vera te Velda, School of Economics
  • Algorithmic third-party advice in markets with complex goods
    Kenan Kalayci, School of Economics


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ViewPoint, Building 33
Synthetic Fields Precinct
UQ St Lucia