1.0 Where a student does not attend a in-semester examination, the student will in the normal course of events receive zero marks for the examination.

1.1 Where due to illness or other circumstances occurring on the day of the examination a student is unable to attend a in-semester examination, the student may, on the presentation of an appropriate medical certificate or relevant supporting documentation, covering the date of the examination, be permitted to sit a deferred examination. (Note: the medical certificate must be dated within two business days of the original exam date.)

1.2 In very exceptional circumstances during an examination where a student falls seriously ill (e.g. has an epileptic episode, becomes unconscious etc.) the student may be permitted to sit a deferred examination. The situation will need to be a sudden, serious and debilitating condition that clearly prevents the student from continuing the examination and the immediate attendance of the student to Health Services. Consideration of exceptional circumstances would require substantiation in a medical certificate detailing the suddenness of onset of the condition, the seriousness of the symptoms and the impact on the student’s ability to remain and complete the examination.  A medical certificate statement that the student was unfit to sit the examination will not be sufficient to demonstrate exceptional circumstances.

The deferred in-semester examination will be held on a date nominated by the course coordinator, where possible the student will be given at least five days notice of the date prior to the exam sitting.

1.3.1 Applications for a deferred examination must be lodged via my SI-net no later than five calendar days following the date of the in-semester examination.

1.3.2 Information on how to apply for a deferred in-semester examination or in class test and grounds for eligibility is available at https://my.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/manage-my-program/exams-and-assessment/deferring-exam

2.0 Students who have a disability

Students who have a disability may be able to apply for adjustments to their in-semester exam under the Reasonable Adjustments policy..

Note: Students who have been ill or otherwise impaired for more than 14 days in the semester are advised to consider withdrawal from the course, bearing in mind the dates of academic and financial penalty and the grounds for withdrawal. This should also apply to those students who are unable to attend the deferred in-semester examination. There will not be a deferred examination, this is as per arrangements for final central examinations.