Power play: reducing the fallout of the US-China trade war

16 Jul 2019

America and China represented as flags in the geographical shape of their countries, pointing at one another.

Shifting power dynamics in global politics pose a major threat to Australia’s peace and prosperity.

In particular, the US-China trade war has the potential to create significant difficulties for Australia as two of our strongest trade partners go head-to- head, but also presents potential opportunities for strengthening regional relationships.

Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan, an applied economist and Asia-Pacific expert, is using economic models to discover ways to minimise harm and explore opportunities in the wake of the US-China trade war.

“In recent years, the US has been rapidly withdrawing from trade agreements. Tensions are increasing in trade relations between the US and China – and this has a flow-on effect in the Asia-Pacific.”

 - Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan

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​​​​Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan

Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan

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