Scholarships and Prizes Ceremony

6 Nov 2017

Last week, the School of Economics congratulated and honoured 36 of our high-performing domestic and international students at the annual UQ School of Economics Scholarship and Prizes Ceremony.

With over 50 family and friends congratulating the students, the School awarded 25 scholarship, seven awards and two bursaries across the undergraduate and postgraduate cohort.

UQ Alumna, Deb Barnes, Head of Investment Risk Management at QIC, was the guest speaker for the evening.

Deb truly inspired the students through her engaging presentation on her time at UQ, her journey through the job market, how she overcame working through the GFC of 2008.

Ms Tharani Ransimala Weerasooriya, Bachelor of Economics, Summer and Winter Scholarship winner was chosen to speak on behalf of the award winners. Ms Weerasooriya took this opportunity to thank the academics and professional staff that have assisted herself and her peers throughout their degrees, along with industry representatives which helped make the evening possible.

“A heartfelt thanks goes out to all the families and organisations that keep on giving and clapping along us economists-in-training.

“A special mention must go to our teachers at the School of Economics: our lecturers, who are our mentors and at the same time set the exams that would fail us and also our supervisors, who have infinite reserves of patience.” Ms Weerasooriya said.

Head of School, Professor Rodney Strachan congratulated each of the recipients, and wished them the best of luck in their future studies.

You can learn more about our scholarships, and prizes and bursaries on our website.

2017 scholarship and prize winners
(L-R) Head of School, Professor Rodney Strachan, scholarship and prize winners, John Martin, Barbra Martin.


Head of School, Professor Rodney Strachan, Tharani Ransimala Weerasooriya and Deb Barnes (QIC)
(L-R) Head of School, Professor Rodney Strachan, Tharani Ransimala Weerasooriya and Deb Barnes (QIC).