13 outstanding academics honoured with economics teaching awards

5 Aug 2016

Professor Rodney Strachan, Head of School, presented 13 of the School’s most talented lecturers with economics teaching awards for the 2015 academic year at a recent event.

The UQ School of Economics Teaching Awards winners
KK Tang, Kenan Kalayci, Temesgen Kifle, Ian MacKenzie & Satoshi Tanaka

The UQ School of Economics Teaching Awards are presented annually to acknowledge those academics who have demonstrated outstanding excellence in teaching and learning. 

In total, the School gave six awards in teaching excellence and 13 distinguished teaching awards.

Congratulations to the following academics who were presented with 2015 teaching awards. 


Teaching Excellence Awards

  • Large Undergraduate- Carl Sherwood- ECON1310 Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis A
  • Medium Undergraduate- Begona Dominguez-ECON3200 Monetary Economics
  • Small Undergraduate- Jackie Robinson- ECON3710 Economics of Natural Resources
  • Large Postgraduate- Temesgen Kifle- ECON7300 Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Small Postgraduate- Pravin Trivedi- ECON6300 Advanced Microeconometrics

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Large Undergraduate

  • Ian MacKenzie- ECON2030 Microeconomic Policy
  • Frederique Bracoud- ECON3210 Financial Markets and Institutions

Medium Undergraduate

  • Yuichiro Waki- ECON3020 Advanced Macroeconomics
  • Antonio Peyrache- ECON2320 Business and Economic Decision Techniques

Small Undergraduate

  • Antonio Peyrache- ECON3330 Econometric Theory
  • Satoshi Tanaka- ECON2810 Industrial and Labour Relations

Small Postgraduate 

  • Jackie Robinson- ECON7720 Ecological and Environmental Economics
  • Carl Sherwood- ECON7012 Business Economics
  • Antonio Peyrache- ECON7000 Foundations in Microeconomics
  • Yuichiro Waki- ECON6020 Macroeconomics A
  • Priscilla Man- ECON7070 Economic Analysis of Strategy
  • Kenan Kalayci- ECON7400 International Industry Economics
  • KK Tang- ECON7001 Foundations in Macroeconomics