Winners - King's College London and UQ

Borderless competition

Earlier this year, a number of UQ Economics students paired up with students from King's College London and participated in groups of four to address the following task.

Students worked together via a number of digital platforms in order to tackle their given economic issue over a six-week period, before submitting their work via video to a panel of international judges. The students remained in various geographical locations throughout the whole competition, never meeting in person.

The task

Students were tasked with interpreting the article Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect by Daryl. J. Bem (Cornell University) and critically analysing the article’s design, research methods and conclusions. They were required to use econometric concepts learnt in various quantitative methods and econometrics modules, and present their work in the format of a video.

The results



First place

Bei Lei (KCL)
Liang Hao (KCL)
Frederick (UQ)
Michael (UQ)



Second place

Paula (KCL)
Francisco (KCL)
Evangeline (UQ)
Jahan (UQ)




Third place

Mohammed (KCL)
Usama (KCL)
Jennifer (UQ)
Corliss (UQ)



Honourable mention

Aleksandr (KCL)
Tom Antonius (KCL)
Amaan (UQ)
Chi-Yi (Chris) (UQ)



Honourable mention

Mina (KCL)
Sonia (KCL)
Digby (UQ)
Dylan (UQ)



Honourable mention

Kenza (KCL)
Ilia (KCL)
Hao (UQ)
Kuangyu (UQ)

The opinions expressed in this video reflect only the opinions of its authors. They do not represent the views of the organisers of the competition, nor those of King's College London or The University of Queensland.



Honourable mention

Arina (KCL)
Mengtao (KCL)
Ashlyn (UQ)
Gretyl (UQ)





Borderless is an interuniversity competition run in partnership between King’s College London and The University of Queensland.







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