I have enrolled in my courses, what does sign on mean?

Sign on is where you link from your homepage on mySI-net to choose the actual class times that you will attend (for a tutorial or practical class and on the odd occasion a lecture e.g.. There may be a number of choices for each course, so you need to plan your timetable to ensure you have no clashes. Not all courses will have sign-on – especially where there is only one class (lecture) time available. This will be for the majority of ECON7xxx courses, but many courses have tutorial/practical class options.

When I look at the timetable from the link on mySI-net it says that I have a number of clashes, why is that?

The link from your homepage on mySI-net shows ALL class options for each course. These are going to clash but you DO NOT need to attend all of the classes listed. Please refer to the course profile for the enrolment requirements for each course. In most cases you will need to enrol in 1 Lecture and 1 Tutorial/Practical. However, the course profile will give you the exact attendance requirements. The majority of tutorial/practical classes will commence in Week 2 – but please check as some may commence in the first week of semester.

Accessing Timetable Information – no sign in to mySI-net required

You can access the class timetable and more information here

Check the default semester and alter if necessary

In the “Search by Course Code” box type ECON7 press search and a list of all applicable postgraduate level 7 economics courses will be generated.

Select all, or particular course(s) then click >> next step to generate timetable details.