Graduate certificates and diplomas in economics

For people with years of work experience, or graduates who are new to economics or need a refresher. Use these short programs to upskill and gain qualifications as you go.

New to economics

If you do not already have a bachelor's degree in economics, business or commerce, the Graduate Certificate (Economics Studies) is the shortest way to explore foundation economics and gain a qualification.  This program comprises 4 courses which can be taken over a single semester or spread over a period of 3 years.  You need to have either a bachelor's degree in any discipline or significant work experience in business or economics to be admitted.

The Graduate Certificate (Economics Studies) articulates to the 1-year Graduate Diploma in Economics or any of our single 2-year (32 unit) master programs. 

Have a degree in economics, business or commerce

If you have an undergraduate degree in economics, business or commerce, or a degree with 4 approved discipline entry courses and want to refresh and strengthen your skills, the Graduate Certificate (Economics) is a short program designed for you.  Three core courses develop your knowledge, while your chosen elective can focus on one of several specialised areas. On successful completion of this qualification, you may be in a position to change progams to any of our 1.5 year (24 unit) master programs.

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