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Josephine Auer Lana Friesen
Ian MacKenzie
An Experiemental Analysis of Reverse Auction Mechanisms
Elizabeth Baldwin Jonas Fooken
David Rowell
Private health insurance and health status in Australia
Laurence Bristow Tina Rampino
Stephen Birch
Are seniors aging without becoming older? A cohort effect analysis of health in the Australian population
Steve Charlton-Henderson Lana Friesen
Ian MacKenzie
Self-reporting firms and their preferences over penalty structures
Sally Duncan Marcin Sowa The Effect of Nephrologist Intervention in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on Queensland Public Hospital Separations and Expenditure
Jessica Dunphy Haishan Yuan Minimum Wage and Eviction rates: Evidence from Contiguous Counties 
Bernardo Gonzalea Arechiga Mart Kenan Kalayci
Rigissa Megalokonomou
The effects of digital technology learning methods on academic outcomes and student experience
Benedict Gordon Vera te Velde 
Marco Faravelli 
Why Vote? The Role of Collectivism & Non-Belief in the Law of Large Numbers on Voting Turnout
Giles Morgan Daniel Zizzio
Alexandros Karakostas
Social Embedded Risk Taking
Elena Ryan Alicia Rambaldi Impact of Community Voice on Supply Constraints and House Prices: Case Study of Melbourne
Dominic Stevens-Robert Satoshi Tanaka 
Jorge Miranda-Pinto
Assessment of Canadian Provincial Structural Change
Hoang Phuong Linh Tran  Christiern Rose
Rigissa Megalokonomou 
Applied Causal Inference using Identification Robust Confidence Sets Under Sparsity
Nicholas Umashev Daniel Zizzo 
Alexandros Karakostas
Conflict and Cooperation: an experimental analysis of intergroup and intragroup aggression