Modelling, Growth and Policy

  • Evaluation of macroeconomic policy formulation
  • Business Cycle Dating
  • Macroeconomic forecasting
  • Modelling of the domestic and international business cycle
  • Dynamic relationships between growth, income distribution and immigration
  • Health capital, schooling capital, demography and growth
  • Brain Drain, brain gain, schooling exports and growth

International Macroeconomics

  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the Open Economy
  • Exchange rate determination
  • Saving, investment and external account behaviour
  • Australia and the world business cycle

Monetary Economics

  • Monetary Transmission Mechanism
  • Monetary policy
  • Inflation and interest rates

Macro-Labour Economics

  • Measuring the Natural Rate / NAIRU
  • Hysteresis in the unemployment rate
  • Employment and unemployment adjustment over the cycle
  • Search, matching and the natural rate