Policies for researchers

The University of Queensland Behavioural and Economic Science Cluster (BESC) Laboratory is located on level 2 of the Colin Clark Building (#39) at room 209.

The UQ BESC lab is managed by the School of Economics (SoE) and is available for booking by all staff members and postgraduate students affiliated with UQ’s Behavioural and Economic Science Cluster. The lab’s research scope covers experimental research in the social sciences, such as economics, psychology, management science, and political science.

The lab contains 48 computers plus an instructor machine. The desks contain dividers, which can be used to separate participants during the running of an experiment.

If you are interested in participating in an experiment, you can sign up here. If you would like to use the lab for your research, please read the details below.

Policies for researchers (PDF, 112.7 KB)

For more information, please contact the Laboratory Manager, Zachary Breig, at z.breig@uq.edu.au.

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