Professor John Foster (Cluster Project 3 Leader), and Dr Liam Wagner

The project will provide a comprehensive understanding of the changing face of the electricity sector under a emissions constrained world. The transition to a lower emissions technology base will require significant structural and economic reforms to the electricity market. The project will examine the costs and benefits of this structural change via a range of modelling frameworks:

  • With respect to wholesale electricity markets, the main focus are the impacts on the National Electricity Market (NEM) in terms of price levels and volatility resulting from different network topologies.
  • The additional costs of investment in transmission and distribution networks for the different network topologies will also need to be calculated to estimate impacts on retail prices.
  • Implement the mathematical models for each of the case studies to develop cost/benefit analysis for defined ‘renewable clusters’ in the NEM.
  • Examination of alternative transmission network topologies to enhance greater deployment of generation and interconnection

Partner Organisations


  • The University of Sydney

  • The University of Newcastle

  • University of NSW

  • The University of Queensland

Project members