In the past some students, particularly those that have been away from formal study for a while, have told us that maths is one area they would like to revise before they start their program. With this in mind, the School launched an initiative to further enhance a student’s postgraduate studies in economics. This initiative is a Blackboard site specifically designed to complement ECON7150 Mathematical Techniques for Economics. By requesting access to the Blackboard site, students can work through the course material to refresh and improve their maths skills. Quizzes will also become available shortly where you can test your knowledge in key aspects of the course. Feedback from students who used the site last semester has been very positive, this is an example of some recent feedback:

"I have used MyMathLab Quizzes and it is amazing. I could quiz myself and find out my weakness in the specific area. At the same time, I could know the process of solving questions. In addition, this course gives me some new ways to solve some questions. These are really useful to support my learning in ECON7150."

If you would like to be enrolled in the site, please email and we will organise this for you.