Learn how to address one of the most critical problems facing humanity: how can we create thriving, sustainable economies to overcome poverty and inequality?

We work with schools across UQ to provide an interdisciplinary Master of Development Economics. Our school is host to experts in the field of development economics who will extend your quantitative skills and equip you to apply this knowledge to complex development issues.

You will develop specialist skills in economics modelling and statistical techniques, as well as advanced knowledge of the forces that affect developing economies. Electives are available from other UQ schools and cover topics such as health, innovation and competition policy.  You also have the option of completing a research thesis on an original topic.

New to economics

You should apply for the 2-year or part-time equivalent Master of Development Economics if you have not previously studied economics. 

Have studied economics, business or commerce

Our 1.5-year or part-time equivalent  Master of Development Economics will suit you if you have an economics, business or commerce degree.

You can also complete a dual Master of Development Economics concurrently with a Master of Economics and Public Policy in 2 years. This option enables you to achieve 2 qualifications with the addition of a single semester.