The School recently launched a Student-Staff Liaison Committee. Students from a wide range of economics programs were invited to apply for the Chair and Secretary positions. The successful candidates, Dakoda and Jinji, introduce themselves below:

Dakoda Titmus, Chair

My name is Dakoda Titmus, the Chair of the SSLC! I am a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Economics/Arts (Philosophy, IR) and a Diploma of Languages (Russian). I'm super excited to work with you all this year to make meaningful changes and contributions to the School. Feel free to come to me with any queries or concerns you have about the committee

Jinji Wang, Secretary

Hello! This is Jinji Wang, the Secretary of the SSLC! This is my first year of studying the Master of International Economics and Finance. I'm so excited to have been selected and work with the School. If you and your friends have any problems with day-to-day learning, contact me ASAP!  Dakoda, the staff and I are all willing to help you! Also, please feel free to give us feedback on our work.

An additional 16 students were selected as representatives: 

Abigail Smith - Master of Health Economics
Arita Brautigam- Bachelor Economics
Benjamin Scott - Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours)
Chelsea van der Merwe - Master of Economics and Public Policy
Connor Harvey - Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours),  PPE Student Society-Executive Member
Erin Allport - Master of International Economics and Finance
Grace Reinhold - Bachelors of Commerce/Economics
Kieu My Tran - PhD
Li Xuan Tan - Bachelor of Economics
Navchaa Tumurbaatar - Master of Development Economics
Patrick Duenow - PhD
Phiet Le - Bachelors of Commerce/Economics
Shadid Ahmed - Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours), President of the UQES
Tooru Nishido - Bachelors of Economics/Laws (Honours)
Tuguldur Batsaikhan - Bachelor of Arts (majoring in economics)
Vinh Vo Ly Hoai - Master of Economics and Public Policy

The first committee meeting will be held on Thursday 30 May 2019. Following that meeting, another announcement will be made about how to contact the committee representatives if you would like to discuss any issues or ideas about your economics degree, and also how to keep in touch with what they are working on.