Presented by Carol Propper (with Katharina Janke and Raff Sadun)


We investigate whether top managers affect the performance of large and complex public sector organizations, using as a case study CEOs of English public hospitals (large, complex organizations with multi-million turnover).  We study the extent to which CEOs are differentiated in terms of their pay, as well as a wide range of hospital production measures including inputs, intermediate operational outcomes and clinical outcomes.  Pay differentials suggest that the market perceives CEOs to be differentiated. However, we find little evidence of CEOs’ impact on hospital production. This is not due to endogenous assignment of better performing managers to worst performing hospitals. These results question the effectiveness of frequent leadership changes to improve performance in the public sector. (JEL H51, I11, L32, M12).

About the presenter’s visit

Carol Propper will be visiting the School of Economics from 25 November to 2 December 2019.  While here she will be using room 635 Colin Clark Building.  If you would like to meet with her or have lunch or dinner with her please contact Chris Rose who will be her host while at The University of Queensland.  Chris can be contacted on

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