Speaker: Sheryl Lim / Chris Shadforth

Affiliation: The University of Queensland / The University of Queensland

Location: Room 629, Level 6, Colin Clark Building (#39), UQ St Lucia Campus

Online via Zoom: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/86028716073


Optimal Relay Strategy - determining whether order matters in relay swimming

Abstract : Dynamic contests are a fertile ground for research investigating the empirical explanatory power of models of rational strategic behaviour, compared to non-rationalizable "psychological" patterns of behaviour. Relay races present an interesting case in this area of research. It is often stated that the ordering of racers in a relay race likely matters with a typical 2-3-4-1 (athlete’s abilities by ranking) order being favoured. However, standard game theoretic models including contest theory do not seem to be able to explain why the relay order would matter in competitions - it is unclear why the ordering of contestants should impact the sum of their performances. In this Honours research project, I aim to empirically investigate whether the relay order does indeed have an effect on the performance of racers, and if it exists, whether such an effect can be explained with standard rational explanations of strategic behaviour. Should this effect exist, I conjecture that a possible effect of relay orders arises from the asymmetry of information between leading and lagging racers and the effect of this information on the marginal effort to expend in the final leg of the race. To this end, I have experimented with various orders and styles of relay racing with athletes from local swimming clubs, and I am approaching the end of this data collection stage. Feedback and input will be most welcomed.

Developing The Context of Information in Complex Projects
Abstract: The meaning of information is not purely objective – we need to interpret signals within a context. Much of daily life can occur without conscious consideration of the contextual understanding we interpret information within. However, novel problems or deviations from the standard can require substantial consideration of context to integrate information into a coherent understanding of a problem. This presentation will describe an interview study exploring the processes of geoscientists in forming contextual understanding. Geoscience projects are filled with uncertainty, indirect measurements, interactions between causal systems, the use of both quantitative and qualitative information, and the need to negotiate interpretations of the data. The results of the study suggest there are multiple interacting levels of context that contribute to meaning, as well as several stages of processing from more abstract to more concrete ways of understanding their data. The divide between quantitative and qualitative data is also not always clear, with human judgment an inescapable part of collecting, processing, and interpreting information.

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Level 6, Colin Clark Building (#39), UQ St Lucia Campus