Project title: 

The Economic, Environment and Social Impacts of National Parks


Project duration:

6 weeks



This is a study on the various impacts of national parks for its importance and the sustainability strategies that are available to preserve them for the many reasons. 


Expected outcomes and deliverables:

Students will learn how to go about doing a write up on these impacts and providing a critical review of the literature that is out there in this area. They will be able to understand how to process theoretical and empirical findings to provide a good balance of views and put forth implications and ideas of their own.


Suitable for:

Any economics student with econometrics background in a third year subject. There is no prior knowledge required in national parks or what economic, environment or social impacts mean.  Come along with an open mind to learn about a very topical issue of priority in the world.

Primary Supervisor:


Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan  

Further info: