First-year checklist

Are you new to UQ Economics?

We’ve put together our top recommendations for starting your economics journey with us.

Take a look at the checklist below and step through the tasks that appeal to you (keeping in mind that there is no correct order).

Please note, the checklist highlights a number of economics-specific ways to get involved and take the pressure off in your first year, as well as some considerations that we recommend you keep in mind earlier rather than later.

purple tick boxBookmark eCorner

eCorner is your online bulletin board full of the latest news and events, just for current UQ economics students. Job opportunities, podcasts, events, recent articles and more are all housed on eCorner in a short, snappy format making the wealth of available opportunities that little bit easier to digest. Be sure to check back regularly as we make updates every day.

purple tick boxLook out for Currency

As you continue with UQ, we’ll be in touch regularly via our economics student communications email, Currency. Look out for your copy via your student email. Don't worry, there's no need to subscribe as you will automatically join this mailing list when you enrol.

purple tick boxJoin a society

Student societies are independently run by student committees with the purpose of helping you make the most of your time at uni. At UQ, there are three economics societies you can join, each boasting an inclusive and like-minded community to connect with. There are many ways to get involved with each society, whether as a general member or as part of the executive team. You can also join more than one at a time. Don’t forget to follow their social accounts on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as this is the best way to keep up to date.

UQ Economics Society at BELfest 2020

purple tick boxDiscover your SSLC

The Economics Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) is a representative body that has the responsibility of representing the needs of students. Basically, they feedback to staff what economics students want! Comprised of volunteer students, the committee provides you with the perfect channel to raise important issues, voice concerns or make suggestions. You can do this either in person at events or via their anonymous feedback form.

purple tick boxDiscover Statecraft

Statecraft is the flagship print and digital publication of the UQPPES (UQ Politics, Philosophy and Economics Society). Student-owned and operated, Statecraft boasts articles covering current affairs, political theory and everyday observations – all through the eyes of young economists. We highly recommend reading Statecraft – or even as you progress with your studies, pitch an article to them! 

purple tick boxBecome familiar with your BEL Careers and Employability 

As an economics student, you're part of the Business, Economics and Law Faculty (BEL for short). As a Faculty, we're lucky to have a dedicated team of Career Advisers to help with all things related to your employability and career development. The BEL Careers and Employability team offers a range of support services and programs to help you understand and plan your pathway, as well as a number of events, workshops, internships and industry engagement opportunities to boost your skills. Planning for your dream career should start in your first year – how you design your UQ experience will help support your long-term career goals. Discover more about this team online.

career mentoring program staff presenting students with information brochures

purple tick boxFind a mate!

BEL Buddies are business, economics and law students who contribute to the BEL community in many positive ways. You will meet a number of BEL Buddies at Orientation Week, so why not catch up for coffee later?

purple tick boxLearn about PASS

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are highly interactive study sessions hosted by two student leaders for some of UQ’s fundamental economics courses. These courses include ECON1010, ECON1020, ECON1310 and ECON1050. As a first-year student, studying can be overwhelming. Luckily, PASS will provide you with a few more hours of valuable support among your peers and away from formal classes.

Teegan Green and students studying together

purple tick boxBe inspired by our alumni

It’s never too early to learn about those who have come before you, and what they have gone on to achieve. Follow UQ Alumni on Facebook and watch in wonder as they regularly publish videos and stories featuring economics alumni. 


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