Current HDR students, dissertation information and supervisors

Ramazan Bora 

Project Title: Distributive politics, institutions and political competition 

Supervisors: Professor Alicia RambaldiDr Haishan Yuan 


Alicia Bubb

Alicia Bubb


Project Title: Essays on the Optimal Taxation of Couples

Supervisors: Dr Andres Bellofatto, Professor Begona Dominguez


Diego Carrasco

Diego Carrasco


Project title:   Essays on Microeconomic Theory

Supervisors:   Emeritus Professor Andy McLennan, Dr Shino Takayama, Dr Allan Hernandez Chanto 


  • Health shocks and the added worker effect: a life cycle approach (with C Acuña, H Acuña) Journal of Applied Economics, 2019
  • "Primaries, Strategic Voters and Heterogenous Valences," (with Shino Takayama, Yuki Tamura and Terrence Yeo), Discussion Papers Series 605, School of Economics, University of Queensland, 2020

Contact: , 

Salonkara Chaudhuri 

HDR student - Salonkara Chaudhuri

Project title: Essays on natural disaster and labour market

Supervisors: Professor Flavio Menezes, Dr Metin Uyanik, Dr Satoshi Tanaka 



  • Chaudhuri, S., Mahata, S., & Chaudhuri, S. (2021). Covid-19 Disaster and employment generation program in a developing economy. Journal of Social and Economic Development. DOI: 10.1007/s40847-021-00171-z
  • Chaudhuri, S., & Chaudhuri, S. (2019). Foreign direct investment and credit market reform in a developing economy: Could these be alternative policies? International Review of Economics & Finance, 62(C), 321-331. DOI: 10.1016/j.iref.2019.03.011
  • Chaudhuri, S., Roychowdhury, S., & Chaudhuri, S. (2019). Gender-based wage inequality and economic liberalism in the presence of endogenous supply of female labour. Indian Economic Review, 54(2019), 239–260.

Ruyue (April) Deng

Project title: The Estimation of Economic Cost and Social Cost of Language Barrier Faced by Immigrants from Different Linguistic Origin

Supervisors: Professor Alicia Rambaldi, Dr Dong-Hyuk Kim


Sima Rani Dey

Project title: Digital Finance to reduce gender gap in financial inclusion: Evidence from South Asia

Supervisors: TBA


Aarushi Dhingra

Aarushi Dhingra


Project title:  Three essays on health economics and health shocks: IVF policy change implications 

Supervisors: Professor Brenda GannonProfessor Luke Connelly & Professor Gita Mishra 


Xiaoxue Dou

Project Title: Incorporating the Gains from Healthy Ageing in Health System Planning

Supervisors: Professor Luke Connelly, Emeritus Professor Stephen Birch, Dr Sabrina Lenzen


Patrick Duenow 

Project title: Uncertainty, learning and growth dynamics in export markets

Supervisors: Professor Luke Connelly, Professor KK Tang, Professor Stephen Birch 


Kieran Gibson

Kieran Gibson


Project title:  Understanding the system of reciprocity

Supervisors:  Dr Vera te Velda,  Dr Priscilla Man


Sembukutti Arachchige Bhagya Gunawardena

Project title: Peer effects in education - ability, incentives, information, and gender 

Supervisors: Associate Professor Lana Friesen, Dr Rigissa Megalokonomou, Dr Kenan Kalayci 


Yuancheng (Ryan) Han

Yuancheng (Ryan) Han


Project title:  The effects of change in weather on Australian agricultural production 

Supervisors:  Dr Satoshi TanakaDr Jorge Miranda-Pinto, Professor Begona Dominguez 


Zin Yau Heng

Project title: Interrelationship between activities of social media and the stock market 

Supervisors: Dr Tien Man, Dr Carlos Oyarzun, Dr Henry Leung 


Kim Hoye

Project title: Efficiency analysis of electricity networks 

Supervisors: Professor Christopher O'Donnell


Ali Furkan Kalay

Project title: Essays on administrative data methodologies

Supervisors: Dr Christiern RoseProfessor Alicia N. Rambaldi


Aarushi Kapoor 

Project title: Technology regulation in the macroeconomy: robots and artificial intelligence 

Supervisors: Professor Begona Dominguez, Dr Antonio Bellofatto, Dr Sourabh Paul 


Pimwilai Kijjanapanich

HDR student - Pimwilai Kijjanapanich

Project title: Asymmetric Information in Credence Goods and Expert (Markets: Reputation, Uncertainty, and Second Opinions)

Supervisors: Dr Carlos Oyarzun, Associate Professor Lana Friesen, Dr Priscilla Man, Dr Metin Uyanik, Dr Alexandros Karakostas


Ryan Leung 

Project title: Copula models under high dimensionality 

Supervisors: Dr Mohamad Khaled, Professor Alicia Rambaldi 


Xinyang Li

Project title: Does Social Capital Attenuate Negative Mental Health Shocks?

Supervisors: Professor KK Tang, Dr Jonas Fooken, Dr Fu Ouyang


Yunlong Liu

Project title: Designing a robust blockchain mechanism in the presence of information asymmetry

Supervisors: Professor Claudio Mezzetti and Dr Shino Takayama


Yuqing Liu 

Yuqing Liu - HDR student on campus at St Lucia UQ

Project title: Essays on financial crises and market manipulation

Supervisors: Dr Shino Takayama, Dr Jorge Miranda Pinto, Emeritus Professor Andrew McLennan 


Abigail Lloyd 

Project title: Exploring the complex relationships between pre-existing conditions and cancer diagnosis in an ageing population 

Supervisors: Professor Stephen Birch, Professor Anne Spencer 


Daniel Maggacis 

Project title: A game theoretic analysis of the OECD's use of competition in the international tax domain 

Supervisors: Associate Professor Jeffrey Kline 


Kopal Mathur 

Project title: Talent allocation in the Indian economy: measurement and policy implications 

Supervisors: Dr Antonio Bellofatto, Dr Sourabh Paul, Dr Jorge Miranda Pinto

Keshini Muthukuda 

Project title: Use of e-health devices, privacy and the risk of personal health data breaches

Supervisors: Professor Claudio Mezzetti, Dr Haishan Yuan

Dao Nguyen Dinh

Dao Nguyen Dinh


Project title:  The economics of child health: Determinants of child physical and mental health and their long-term consequences.

Supervisors:   Professor Luke ConnellyProfessor Stephen Birch


  • Nguyen, D.D., Zhang, X. and Nguyen, T.H. (2021), "The gender wage gap and the presence of foreign firms in Vietnam: evidence from unconditional quantile regression decomposition", Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
  • Dao, N. D. (2020). Does the microcredit intervention change the life of the low- and middle-income households in rural Vietnam? Evidence from panel data. World Development Perspectives, 20(August), 100259.
  • Dao, N. D. (2020). Determinants of Vietnam’s rice and coffee exports: using stochastic frontier gravity model. Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies,

Thi Thao Nguyen 

Project title: Essays in welfare economics 

Supervisors: Dr Kim Nguyen, Professor Jason Pole

Matthew Oancea

Project title: Investing in health as a pathway to improved economic performance

Supervisors: Professor Stephen Birch, Dr Przemyslaw Sowa

Charity Shadforth 

Project title: How do we make decisions with probabilistic information?: Negotiating environmental impacts & resource development 

Supervisors: Professor Daniel Zizzo, Associate Professor Lana Friesen, Dr Luk Peeters

Nesanthan Srianandarajah

Project title: Market design of electricity markets as they transition to high shares of renewables

Supervisors: Professor Flavio Menezes and Dr. Archie Chapman 


Srianandarajah, N., Wilson, S. J., & Chapman, A. C. (2022). From green to amber: is Australia's National Electricity Market signalling a financial warning for wind and solar power?. Energy Policy167, 113052.

Yumeng Tong

Project title: Developing an integrated model to evaluate economic and social change in rural Queensland

Supervisors: Emeritus Professor John Mangan, Professor Christopher O'Donnell 


Elcin Tuzel

Elcin Tuzel


Project title:  Gender gap in labor market and the effect of education

Supervisors:  Dr Rigissa Megalokonomou, Professor KK Tang, Dr Do Won Kwak

Nicholas Umashev

Nicholas Umashev


Project title: The causes and consequences of antisocial behaviour

Supervisors: Professor Daniel Zizzo, Dr Carlos Oyarzun, Dr Alexandros Karakostas


Jordan von Hippel 

Project title: Gender and competitiveness: the roles of risk and confidence

Supervisor: Dr David Smerdon, Dr Vera te Velde

Han Wang 

Project title: Socioeconomic status and purchase of soda in the United States: the role of consumers preference and in-store promotion

Supervisor: Professor KK Tang, Dr Dong-Hyuk Kim 


Zhichao Wang

Zhichao Wang


Project title:  Improving productivity: theory and application to Australian hospitals.

Supervisors:  Professor Valentin Zelenyuk, Emeritus Professor Prasada Rao

Ni Ying 

Project title: Fast and accurate Variational Bayesian methods for high-dimensional TVP-VAR models

Supervisors: Professor Rodney Strachan, Dr Eric Eisenstat

Chunsheng Zhang

Project title:  Accounting for endogeneity and measurement issues in econometric models of peer effects

Supervisors: Dr Christiern Rose, Dr Antonio Peyrache, Dr Mohamad Khaled


Yi Zhang 

Project title: Essays in the  economics of education

Supervisors: Dr Rigissa Megalokonomou, Dr Haishan Yuan, Dr Satoshi Tanaka