Student academic achievement shines bright

16 Dec 2020

Without a doubt, The University of Queensland’s economics student community has persevered through a year of extraordinary upheaval as the global pandemic disrupted every aspect of their academic and personal lives.

Despite the many challenges, the School praises their resilience and hard work and, in particular, recognises 28 outstanding economics students who were awarded scholarships, prizes and bursaries.

Kieran Gibson profile photo
Kieran Gibson, winner of the 
Microeconomics Honours Prize. 

Reflecting on his achievement as the 2020 Microeconomics Honours Prize winner, Kieran Gibson attributed his success to intrinsic motivation and the support from his friends, supervisors, and lecturers.

“This year has been challenging to say the least, but the continual guidance and encouragement of my support network was integral to overcoming the difficulty of Honours,” Mr Gibson said.

"Winning this prize makes me feel excited about being recognised for my hard work in the field of economics.

“I know I’m on the right track because I’m excited when looking forward and grateful when looking back.”

In a year full of disturbances, scholarship winner Thu Van Nguyen said she felt grateful she was given the opportunity to pursue her interest in econometrics.

“I wanted to learn about econometrics and UQ is among the few universities that have an econometrics master's program,”  Ms Nguyen said.

“The UQ Economics Vietnam Scholarship is a great financial help for me and my family. I can focus on studying and enjoying my life in Brisbane instead of worrying about the expenses and trying to find a part-time job to afford my living.”

Head of School and Academic Dean Professor Daniel Zizzo said now is the time to celebrate the achievements and dedication of the School’s high-achieving economics students.

“It is with great pleasure and admiration I congratulate our scholarship, prize and bursary winners on their exceptional efforts this year,” Professor Zizzo said.

“2020 has been difficult for the whole UQ economics community, so it’s uplifting seeing students overcoming many adversities to adapt and excel.

“I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to the generous donors who share our vision to empower students to be adaptable, game-changing and global leaders and citizens of the future.”

Economics (honours) 2020 graduating cohort.
Economics (honours) graduating cohort (left to right):  : Bang Chau Hoang Nguyen, Minh Thang Pham, Bingxian Lee, Jiachen Han, Liam Hickey, Associate Professor Jeff Kline, Jeremy Lewin, Kieran Gibson,  Nicholas Markovitch, Lucas Carter, Sally Rafter

Congratulations to all the scholarship, prize and bursary winners.



Archibald ScholarshipSally Rafter
Australian Finance Industry Association Prize in Economics (2019)Isobel Kayrooz
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) ScholarshipKieran Gibson
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) ScholarshipJiachen Han
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) ScholarshipLiam Hickey
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) ScholarshipBingxian Lee
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) ScholarshipNicholas Markovitch
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) ScholarshipMinh Thang Pham
FitzGerald ScholarshipNguyen Bang Chau Hoang
IES Foundation Year ScholarshipSu Linn Linn
IES Foundation Year ScholarshipBoa Qian (Edwin) Liu
IES Foundation Year ScholarshipHui Liu
IES Foundation Year ScholarshipYuzhi Liu
IES Foundation Year ScholarshipHongyu Su
IES Foundation Year ScholarshipTiantian (Helen) Xu
Marsden Jacob Prize in Memory of Tony Hand (2019)Sally Rafter
Microeconomics Honours PrizeKieran Gibson
Queensland Competition Authority PrizeWilliam Ciereszko
Richard W Staveley Memorial PrizeHamish Greenop-Roberts 
Synergies Consulting Honours PrizeNicholas Markovitch
Tactical Global Management Honours PrizeJeremy Lwin
The Jean W Maddock BursaryJarrod Bourke
The Norman C Maddock BursaryAnnie Ying
Tomas Riha ScholarshipMichaela Gyasi-Agyei
Vietnam Postgraduate ScholarshipThu Van Nguyen
Warren Braxton Bannister BursaryChang-Hua Lu
Year 12 Domestic Australian ScholarshipAbbey Anstey-Walsh
Year 12 Domestic Australian ScholarshipCaitlin Dorrough
Year 12 Domestic Australian ScholarshipLachlan Jones
Year 12 Domestic Australian ScholarshipBenjamin Pyne
Year 12 Domestic Australian ScholarshipConnor Walker