Economics researcher named in top international fellowship

12 Nov 2018

Economics researcher named in top international fellowship

University of Queensland researcher Professor Claudio Mezzetti has been appointed a fellow of The Econometric Society – considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious international society of academic economists.

Professor Mezzetti, a microeconomic theory researcher, was honoured with the position for his highly regarded contribution to economics.

Academic Dean and Head of School Professor Daniel Zizzo congratulated Professor Mezzetti on his outstanding achievement.

“It’s wonderful to see Professor Claudio Mezzetti acknowledged for his work,” Professor Zizzo said.

“The School of Economics now has three Fellows of the Econometric Society– Claudio as well as Professor Andrew McLennan and Professor John Quiggin.

“Our research clearly makes a difference in the world.”

The Econometric Society focuses on the advancement of economic theory in relation to statistics and mathematics.

Fellows of The Econometric Society are elected annually and nominated by members, existing fellows or the Nominating Committee for Fellows.

Candidates must demonstrate published original contributions to economic theory or to statistical, mathematical or accounting analyses that have a bearing on problems in economics.

There are a total of 10 fellows from Australian universities – two being emeritus professors.

Professor Mezzetti said he felt honoured to join a talented group of academics from all over the world.

“I did not know I was a candidate for election. It’s something I am proud of having achieved, as I’ve always viewed it as an important recognition of one’s scholarship,” Professor Mezzetti said.

Professor Mezzetti’s more specific areas of research are mechanism design, game theory, law and economics and industrial organization.

Early in his career he also worked on international trade.

Besides economists, he has also collaborated with computer scientists, mathematicians and lawyers, and his work has served as the modelling framework for reports to regulatory agencies in the US and Australia.

Professor Mezzetti is the Colin Clark Professor of Economics at UQ.

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