Professor Tisdell Visits Sichuan University

19 Jun 2017

During May, Professor Tisdell was an invited guest of the Department of Environmental Science of Chengdu (Sichuan) University, China. He gave five presentations at this university, two in the Faculty of Economics and three in the Department of Environmental Science. Professor Tisdell agreed to co-operate in future research (on an informal basis) with members of Environmental Science and Economics, for example, assisting with an economic and environmental appraisal of the tourism management of Jiuzhaigou National Park – A World Heritage site. Sichuan University is designated as one of China’s leading universities.

Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

The topics of Professor Tisdell’s presentations were: “My Life-long Experience with Economics”; “Aspects of Uncertainty, Bounded Rationality and Economic Decision-Making”; “Thoughts on a Framework for the Economic and Environmental Appraisal of Tourism Management of Jiuzhaigou National Park”; “Agriculture Development and Environmental Change: Selected Aspects” and “Tourism Development and Conservation”